Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 28th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 28th September 2021  episode starts with Joshi saying that Ramji might have committed suicide, jumped from a hill. Bhim Rao got worried. Puranjan stopped him, he knew his friend wasn’t the ones to lose himself. He has always known how to fight. Joshi taunted Puranjan, asked him to find Ramji. He left.

Everyone in the neighborhood thought that Ramji ran away, he was tired of all the tension. Bhim Rao didn’t believe that he left. Jijabai said that Bhim Rao was Ramji’s biggest tension. He has always cared for Bhim Rao more than anyone else, in order to fulfil his responsibilities as a wife he deprived Jijabai from being a wife. Jijabai went inside, Bhim Rao followed her. Neighbors were amused, a woman said that the locality was cursed with husband’s running away.

First Dailya amma, then another woman and now Jijabai’s husband ran away. Dailya ama said that it wasn’t something to joke about, she has never supported Jijabai yet today she empathizes with her. Hitesh asked the woman for worry about her husband. She object, as she neither was a second wife nor had a useless son like Bhim Rao. Meera asked her never to trust life, life can become a joke for her.

Jijabai questioned Bhim Rao. He asked her to be patient, he was doing what she has always wished for. He promised to find Ramji. Anand questioned. Lakshmi said that Ramji must have gone to find some work. Puranjan denied, Ramji would have informed him otherwise. Anand said that he didn’t go to find work but to search for Bhim Rao. Bhim Rao wondered.

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People were bringing Ramji in a room; he was all tied up. Joshi came in. He asked why they tied his mouth. People were asked to take care of Ramji. He left; the people followed.

Joshi’s uncle asked why he couldn’t hear Ramji screaming, he was enjoying them. Joshi said that the men couldn’t tolerate him, they tied his mouth.

Rama questioned where Bhim Rao was headed. Bhim Rao couldn’t rest until he finds his father. Rama doubted Joshi. Bhim Rao speculated it to be truth. He decided to investigate him, Rama came along.

Joshi’s uncle asked why he kidnapped Ramji. Joshi wanted to trouble Bhim Rao, erase his every way of returning back to educational circle. Joshi said that Bhim Rao would never be able to find his father. Bhim Rao came in, questioned Joshi. Joshi denied knowing anything, instead asked if he found him the fishes were waiting to be fed. Bhim Rao once again asked where his father was.

Joshi asked BHIM Rao to leave, he was having a good time with his uncle. The Uncle stopped Joshi, said that Bhim Rao was in despair. Uncle offered BHIM Rao wine, it would take away all the misery. Joshi and his uncle laughed, the lower don’t have the audacity to drink water in front of them. Meanwhile Rama broke a glass. Joshi yelled at her misbehavior. Rama denied, as it was only a prank. Joshi asked them to leave. Bhim Rao warned Joshi.

Bhim Rao knew that his father can’t leave without informing someone. Rama replied that the prevailing situations of Manjula’s return and Bhim Rao’s exit from the house might have not left Ramji with another option but to leave. Bhim Rao questioned that Ramji left to find him. Anand came, he has informed the police. Bhim Rao said that according to what Puranjan said Ramji didn’t leave to find work. He could have been kidnapped midway.

Ramji gained conscious; he was knocking the door. Joshi enjoyed his misery.

Jijabai was searching for Ramji. She questioned men on streets, came to a policeman who was enjoying his meal. The policeman was aware of Ramji being kidnapped; Anand informed him a night before. Jijabai questioned the policeman for not finding her husband. Jijabai was asked to maintain distance, she was a lower caste. Meera took Jijabai home.

Puranjan brought Bhim Rao and Anand to the place where he lost Ramji. The started looking for a clue. A man was standing behind the bushes, he was well informed by Joshi about Bhim Rao’s cleverness.

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