Ghar Ek Mandir 28th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Ghar Ek Mandir 28th September 2021 Varun in his room, Genda walks to him with juice and asks are you fine, Varun says yes, Genda about to leave, Varun stops her and says sit and holds her hand and says I saw you when I gained consious, you were so worried for me, that something wrong,

Genda stops him and says all were praying for you don’t worry. Varun says Genda we have guest make sure Papa doesn’t get upset again, I won’t be able to help, Genda leaves Varun’s hand says I know my limits and rules of this family now and will take care of it for all your happiness, have juice I will go prepare dinner.

Anuradha gives Kundan medicine, Anuradha says Maharaji saved our Varun, we already were so tensed, I would die if something else would happen, Kundan says all is fine with Varun and so will be with our family and even Genda must have understood things now, Anuradha says but debt how will you alone do it, Kundan says I have my son Varun with me.

Manish gets home and asks Nisha how is Varun, Nisha says good and tell me how was your job, Manish says its so systematic, I should have joined earlier and thank god Varun is find, Nisha tells Maharaji is going to stay with us, and he talks so sweet, and he said he will clean the room, I will have to, Shivam Giggles and says its secret and leaves, Manish says I don’t understand Papa, first Pardhan and now Stanger in the house, I hope he doesn’t rob us, Nisha says yes talk to Papa. Manish asks what is his name, Nisha says Maharaji and leaves.
Manish says I have to keep an eye on him

Genda in kitchen thinking what she should cook that Maharaji will like, Nisha walks in and asks Genda where she is lost, Genda says what should I cook for Maharaji, Nisha says cook anything, Genda says he said something I cook best, Nisha says do so then, Genda remember cooking Puri Sabji for Prasad, and how people loved her cooking. Genda then remember quiting to follow Maharaji.

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Everyone at dinner table, Kundan stops Shivam and says let guests join first and asks Nisha to call Maharaji. Nisha leaves cribbing about it and says call him then also clean the room, Nisha knocks and sees room is all cleaned and surprised, and says you cleaned it, Maharaji says I told you it will be done by today lets go now.

All at dinner table, Genda shows she cooked dal batti, Maharaji smiles and asks do you cook this best, Genda says yes all like it, Maharaji thinks so society taught my devotee to lie as well and asks Genda to serve. Genda thinks I cook Puri and Aloo Matar sabji best but I am not related to Maharaji any more so I won’t cook.

Kundan asks have you cleaned room I am sure you havent, Maharaji says yes its cleaned ask Shivam, Shivam says yes he cleaned it, Nisha says even I saw he cleaned it. Kundan says so nice Maharaji lets have food now

Manish asks what is your full name Maharaji, Maharaji says my name is Maharaj and all call me Maharaji, Manish asks something else, Maharaji says surnames make you judge people like caste, rich poor and I don’t believe in all this, Anuradha says such good thoughts. Manish asks where are you from. Kundan says let him eat he saved your brother, and you got job doesn’t mean you interview everyone, Maharaji says let him ask, Manish says I never saw you here where are you from.

Maharaji says I am here for shop no 12, Varun says great it’s beside ours, Manish says it’s a bad shop no business works good here, Maharaji says shop works well with efforts, thoughts are good or bad not efforts, right Genda. Genda looks at Kundan, Genda says I don’t know all this and only know about household, Kundan and Anuradha smile.

Kundan asks why shop now any specific reason, Maharaji says no just. Kundan says may be your son left you during bad times, I mean sorry I had to ask someone else, Maharaji says I didn’t feel bad about question but about that you just asked son, my daughter could leave me and I can feel bad too, Genda smiles. Kundan says I meant business and son handle all this, Maharaji says I don’t differentiate between son and daughter they both have their responsibility and something that differentiate is their thoughts, if kids are kind its good or else that is a problem.

Genda remember Agrasen Maharaji’s teachings. Kundan says our thoughts don’t match Maharaji, Maharaji says that is not bad that we have different thoughts but bad thing is thinking your thoughts are correct, Kundan asks Genda to serve Maharaji food. Genda thinks I am trying to forget Maharaji but it is so difficult. Maharaji thinks one day you and society will understand my thoughts.

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