Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th September 2021 Anu calls Vibhuti. Vibhu come here is your coffee exactly how you like hot. Anu asks where is necklace. Vibhu says which necklace. Anu says now you’ll says next time who are you madam. Vibhu says don’t worry I’ll get your necklace back just thinking how to get it back. Anu says its not my problem. Vibhu says what happen to you, you started like radio you don’t understand I promise you ill return it back. Anu says you have promised me so many times but I have never got any.

TMT come and greets Anu and says because of your blessings we three won lottery of 30 crore. Vibhu gets surprised and says what. Teeka says to Vibhu do you know how many zeros are there in 1 crore. Tillu says you count zeros in 30 crore and bhabhi you have sweets. Saxena come and start dancing with TMT and goes. TMT says to Anu please allow us to leave. Anu says to Vibhu how’s your faith they three won 30 crore, I don’t know anything I want my necklace back. Vibhu says don’t worry you will get your necklace back and will get another necklace with that old one.

Tillu goes to Tiwari’s house and ask him to have sweet. Tiwari says what are you doing in and can’t you know before coming, don’t ask for salary to me. Tillu says I came to ask for salary, you only keep change. Tiwari asks then why did you came. Tillu says god gave you eyes look from that here have sweet. Tiwari says I’m not eating you must have mixed poision in it. Tillu says what will I get after killing you lifetime jail and if that happen then I’ll loose 30 crore from my hand. Tiwari says tell me what you did. Tillu says brace yourself TMT won 30 crore lottery.

Tiwari shouts, Angoori come and ask what happen. Tillu says he is shocked. Tiwari says you are lying. Tillu says with your blessings TMT won 30 crore lottery, 10 crore each. Tiwari says don’t believe them. Tillu says I swear on bhabhi I’m not lying. Tiwari says to himself he never takes false swear of Angoori. Angoori says now you have not to do any work for anyone you can live your life. Tillu says now I don’t have to work under greedy, cheap man. Angoori says that’s right, I’ll bring sweet for you. Tillu asks Tiwari do you have nay idea for business but you are business know only about undergarments. Saxena come start singing song and teases Tiwari.

Gupta, Prem and Masterji in market having tea. Gupta says to Master because of this pandemic there is World wide hungry and poor people. Prem says why are you looking for world you can check in Kanpur itself people have boil water and drank whole year. Master says people like government job like us are struggling so much what about youth from private sector, he says me made lot of fun of TMT yesterday they must be in lot of struggle. Prem agrees. TMT come dancing and singing and gives everyone sweet and tells everyone we won lottery of 30 crore. Prem says do you even know how many commas are there is 30 crore. Tillu says we donyhave time for that and they leave singing. Gupta, Master and Prem in shock. Prem says I think I have to start side business with these three.

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Tiwari in his bedroom on call with Agrawal. Agrawal withdraw his order, Tiwari ask him not to or else he will be in big loss. Angoori come and ask what happen why are you so hyper. Tiwari says my client Agrawal took his order back at end time and I’ll not get my advance of 3 lakh which I took from market. Angoori ask him to calm down and says Daddu will help you and calls him. Angoori greets him and says Tiwari had to suffer loos in business do something for him. Tiwari talks to Daddu, Daddu scolds him and Tiwari hungs up. Angoori asks what happen. Tiwari says he abused m and thinks I should talk to TMT they won lottery will call them for dinner will surely help me and says to Angoori call TMT for dinner theybwill surely help us. Angoori says ok and ask what abuses Daddu gave you. Tiwari shouts on her.

Anu in her house walking. Vibhu come and Anu ask where were you. Vibhu says just strolling downstairs. Anu mocks Vibhuti. Vibhu says you taunt me a lot. Anu says my wird hurt you what about your actions. Vibhu says what I did wrong, I did for your help. Anu says why didn’t you sell something of yourself. Vibhu says I offer myself to sale but did not received any buyer its not my fault. Anu says you could have buy lottery ticket, you have bright luck in this field. Vibhu says I’ll get money by working hard not by gambling or lottery. Anu says you can just talk no action and leaves.

Everyone disguised in shawl in market and talking to eachother waiting for lottery guy. Someone trickles Tiwari and remove shawl. Vibhu says its you. Tiwari says yes and I already knew it was you. Vibhu says I came to see that you always lie or is there any reality. Tiwari says I also came to see and mocks eachother. Vibhu says thank god this gentleman took off your shawl. Tiwari shouts who are you. It was Prem, Master and Gupta. Vibhu and Tiwari gets shocked and says all are on same page.

Tillu says to Teeka from where did you purchased this. Teeka mocks him and says I ordered it from Japan. Malkhan says stop talking rubbish as if we don’t know you rented this dress. Tillu says to Malkhan say politely someone will hear. Tiwari come and asks hiw are you my sons what happen. Malkhan says talk about business we don’t have time to waste. Tillu says you don’t have ability to talk to us so talk with respect. Tiwari says okay I’ll says you sir and would like to invite you on dinner. Teeka says excuse me let me check my schedule and says sorry not possible tonight we have some other plans. Tiwari says okay no problem your bhabhi maa told me to invite you well no worries. TMT shouts wait discuss to eachother and says we will be coming and Tillu says to Tiwari please bring our brand. Tiwari says come.

Tiwari says everyone is out to buy lottery. Gupta says who doesn’t like money. Master says when they can have luck, then what’s wrong is us. Prem says I buy lottery daily but didn’t won any. Master says you can try daily maybe you will win one day. Babulal come and says who ever want lottery ticket take it. Everyone rush towards him. Babulal shouts beggar and I curses you, you will be beggar for whole life long.

Malkhan and Tillu come in suite and says you look like millionaire. Malkhan says when a person gets money then you can see look on his face. Tillu says can you see on my face. Malkhan says yes we both look millionaire from our face. Tillu says but our Teeka always look beggar. Teeka come in suite and says what rubbish you were talking about me. Tillu and Malkhan gets shocked and says from where did you looted this suit. Teeka mocks him.

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