Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 28th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 28/09/2021 Episode Start with Dadaji asking Amma for what good reason she looks irate. Amma says misanthrope Beni gifted a sari to Vimlesh and Happu is giving Rajesh, however he never gifted her anything throughout everyday life. He begins lauding her magnificence and says its an affront to her excellence in the event that he contrasts her and a gift. She demands for a gift. He says sorry and says his life is intended for her. She succumbs to his stunt and excuses him. He says love you.

She answers love you as well. Rajesh anxiously sits tight for Happu. Happu comes to late and gifts her shoes. She gets cheerful and inquires as to for what reason is he late today. He says he needed to invest a ton of energy looking wonderful chappals for him. She gets glad and says she has an amazement for him around evening time. He says he will visit Beni and return soon. She flees shyingly.

Beni gets heartfelt with Vimlesh and discusses shayaris persistently for her to intrigue her. She gets intrigued and shies. At the point when he is going to get private with her, Happu rings chime. Beni irately opens entryway and says he is hitched and occupied right now. Happu jokes at him. Beni irately gives him access. Vimlesh welcomes Happu and offers to plan paneer pakoras for him. Happu cheerfully concurs. Beni says he will cook pakoras. Happu reproves him. Vimlesh says she will cook pakoras with Vimlesh and will bring an enormous amount for him. Happu concurs cheerfully. She leaves. He says she is as yet a child. Happu smiles. Their contention proceeds.

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Ranbir, Hrithik, and Chamchi go into Kat’s room and sit on her bed quietly. She jokes in the event that they have curd in their mouth. They show her chief’s objection letter against her for Happu and takes it back saying they will offer it to father. She gets strained. They request a considerable rundown of gifts from her. She denies. They say she ought to get gifts from Kamlesh. She denies from the outset, however at that point concurs when they keep undermining her. After at some point, Kamlesh goes into Kat’s room through window and as common plays with her. She asks gifts from him reminding his guarantee. He reluctantly concurs. She requests various character frozen yogurt and 10 chips bundles. He denies from the outset saying she will get cold however at that point concurs. Children get cheerful hearing that.

Amma and Vimlesh appreciate alcohol. Rajesh enters and jokes on Vimlesh. She then, at that point, shows Happu’s skilled chappals for her. The two of them demand her to look for an exorbitant gift from Happu. She says she has everything and how will she manage exorbitant gifts. They demand her. She concurs at long last.

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