Mere Sai 28th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Episode Start with  Ketan apologizes to Sai. I had never thought about this. Sai calls it nature. You’re not the main one to commit this error. Be it individuals or birds, we need to control or utilize the person who is more fragile than us. Covetousness turns us visually impaired and prevents us from interfacing with individuals or treating them similarly.

We become so narrow minded in light of our eagerness that we grab somebody’s opportunity in the process despite the fact that we disdain abandoning our opportunity. For what reason do we fail to remember that everybody has a privilege to live uninhibitedly? Udhav seconds him. Ketan chooses to change his calling. Sai grins. Smash ji will doubtlessly assist you with flourishing in this work. A young lady inquires as to whether the birds will be cheerful at this point.

Sai says they would be as they acquired opportunity yet few out of every odd bird is just fortunate. The quills of certain birds are cut some of the time. How might such a bird focus on opportunity? Maan Singh has chance on his leg while stowing away. He continues running. Sai becomes pitiful. Locals notice the adjustment of Sai’s looks and ask Him what occurred. Officials keep pursuing Maan Singh. Sai gets some information about their work. I must be some place. He leaves.

Sarkar briefs his men, Santa and Banta about Maan Singh. He has shot one authority. News is that he is stowing away close by. We need to get him and hand him over to police before they do it. I will be evaluated in the event that we figure out how to get Maan Singh before them. I will get my preferred towns if that occurs. I will offer prize to whoever will get him! Spread around and watch out for everybody.

Mere Sai 27th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Watch out for Fakir and His fans. They work in offering haven to such individuals. Everybody leaves. Sarkar feels that he wont botch this amazing chance at any expense. You (Maan Singh) coming to Shirdi will the greatest slip-up of your life! Gangaram inquires as to whether he has met them previously. You look intimately acquainted. Srikanth says you are correct. They are Sai’s aficionados. He acquaints them with Gangaram. They have come to meet Sai before as well. That is the point at which you more likely than not seen them. I met them coming so I brought them here. They disappear expressing that they are eager to meet Sai. Gangaram says Sai comprehends your energy which is the reason He is going here. They welcome Sai. He favors them however requests that they head back until further notice.

I don’t have sufficient chance to go through with you at the present time. He leaves. The two of them are interested with regards to Sai’s answer. Srikanth reasons that Sai appeared to be carelessly and looked stressed. They choose to stand by in Dwarkamai till evening. Gangaram prompts them not to conflict with Sai’s desire. They reason that they aren’t conflicting with Sai’s desire. However, we can’t abandon meeting Him. They head to Dwarkamai. Srikanth and Gangaram trade a stressed look. English Officials arrive at Shirdi and enquire about Maan Singh. Maan Singh is taking cover behind Khandoba ji’s object of worship. Locals say that they haven’t seen him however the official continues to chide them. Sai encourages him to figure out how to ask affably as opposed to compromising locals. Official says we need to discover him at any expense.

They show Him Maan Singh’s photograph. Sai answers that He sees God in each individual and in each corner. Official calls Him distraught and leaves with his men. Sai requests that Maan Singh come out now as police has left. Maan Singh gets up with trouble. Sai makes a stride towards him however he focuses his blade at Sai while advising Him to remain away. Sai says choice and determination are acceptable however a choice taken in flurry is off-base consistently. Maan Singh asks Him what His identity is. Sai calls Him his companion. I need to help you. Show me your injury. Maan Singh cautions Sai again yet Sai affably clarifies that He might have enlightened police concerning him whenever he got an opportunity. I need to help you in the event that you will allow me an opportunity. He expands His hand towards Maan Singh who holds it.

Sai carries him to another side and actually takes a look at his injury. It is a profound cut. You were fortunate that the slug once braised you. You are as yet injured however as you continued to run for the duration of the day. He cleans the region around the injury. Maan Singh gets some information about the udi. Sai advises him to have persistence and confidence in Maalik.

This is udi. Maan Singh flinches in torment as Sai applies udi on his injury. Om Sai plays. Maan Singh begins feeling good and checks out Sai in shock. Sai applies more udi on his injury. Maan Singh thinks about what’s in the udi that relieved his aggravation right away. Sai answers that it has Ram ji’s approval. Locals can’t help thinking about why police is in Shirdi. Bheema says trust they wont play with our celebration.

Official shows Maan Singh’s photograph to everybody except nobody has seen him. Official demands looking through Shirdi to seize Maan Singh. Santa Clause, Banta and Sarkar’s men reach there too. An individual asks Santa who police is searching for. Santa Clause says it isn’t significant for you to know. Banta informs them regarding Maan Singh. Tell us in the event that you discover any data about him.

He should be gotten. Your Fakir loves helping individuals. Advise Him to watch out. Consider the possibility that Maan Singh shoots Him. Bheema says it can’t occur. Banta says I am requesting that you illuminate us to stay away from that as it were. Maan Singh doesn’t pay attention to anybody. He can aimlessly shoot Fakir in the wake of hearing His talk. They leave.

Santa Clause asks Banta for what reason he was so pleasant to the residents. Banta says I have fuelled weakness against Maan Singh and compassion toward Fakir thusly. They will educate us about Maan Singh in the event that they discover him and we will illuminate Sarkar. St Nick grins. Townspeople talk about regarding why Maan Singh decided to turn into a progressive.

How can it help us? Somebody will administer over us in any case. Why bother doing this?Sai grins as he gauzes Maan Singh’s injury. Who right? Where are you from? How could you get into this? Maan Singh inquires as to whether police didn’t let him know anything. Sai reasons that there are 2 sides of each coin. I have heard their story. I should hear your story now. Nobody is conceived progressive.

We are constrained by circumstances. What is your story? Maan Singh shares that he was a cheerful man till a year ago. I had a glad family as well. We went to a capacity where.

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