Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 29th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 29th September 2021  episode starts with Happu entering his room in a romantic mood and dancing energetically with Rajesh on Angna Me Baba.. song. He gets tired after song ends and tries to get intimate with her. She demands Pashmina shawl. He says she has 7-8 shawls in cupboard. She says not Pashmina. He agrees making her happy and draws blanket over them.

Kamlesh brings icecream for Kat as ordered by her and says let us have it together. She says she wants to have it alone. He says sharing is caring. She disagrees and asks him to go. Once he leaves, she offers ice cream to Hrithik, Ranbir, and Chamchi and asks them to give her principal’s letter. They deny and demand gaming console, toy house, and a music player with 5000 songs. She asks how will Kamlesh get such costly gifts. They say by paying cash and walk away enjoying ice cream while she requests to lessen their demands.

Happu calls shawl seller and checks shawls. He asks seller to show Pashmina shawl. Manohar says he doesn’t have so much money to buy it. Happu scolds Manohar and asks seller howmuch it costs. Seller says starts from 30000 rs and goes till 1 lakh. Happu asks what is so special in it, did he carry it from Kashmir on his feet. Manohar suggests him to buy it if he wants peace at home for 3 months.

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Happu agrees and asks seller to give it on credit. He says he can’t as commissioner took shawl and didn’t pay him till now. Happu badmouths about Reshampal. Reshampal enters and hears it. Happu gets tensed seeing him. Reshampal says he forgave him and asks to pay even his shawl money.

Happu returns home and gifting Pashmina shawl to Rajesh asks why didn’t she i nform that it costs 30000 rs minimum. She says he wouldn’t have bought it else. He gets romantic. She asks him to wait till she shows sari to Amma and Vimlesh and returns. He says if she shows shawl to Amma, she will taunt her and will force him to buy gifts for her. She doesn’t agree and shows shawl to amma and Vimlesh.

They get amazed seeing gift and praise that Happu fears Rajesh even now and fulfills all her demands. Vimlesh runs home saying Beni is frying pakoras for her. Happu visits Beni and seeing him frying pakoras taunt him. Beni says he believes in equality and will support Vimlesh whole life. Happu asks why is Vimlesh missing in equality and continues taunting him. Vimlesh returns and drags Beni to room. Beni asks what happened. She says she was missing him. He gets romantic. She demands pashmina shawl. He agrees and promises to get it via Happu. She thinks even she will have 30000 rs worth pashmina shawl.

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