Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 29th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 29th September 2021 Sanjana kneels in front of Dev reciting the poem which revealed the feelings of her heart, she finally managed to say I LOVE YOU to Dev, she is still sitting while Dev is shocked, Sonakshi comes from the stairs, she gets tensed seeing them both like this, and coming behind Dev looks at them both with suspicion questioning what is going on here,

Dev is shock turns to Sanjana, Sonakshi once again questions Dev reading what is going on, Sanjana also looks at her, Dev realizes how when they were playing the game Ishwari asked Sonakshi to not dare Sanjana for a dance and she asked her to act, Dev with a smile explains how she was acting really well and he was not able to realize it, Sonakshi also gets relieved thinking that it was all just a misunderstanding, Dev mentions how they should also play it some other time, Dev asks if he can drop her because it is really late, Sanjana mentions she can manage it by herself.

Sonakshi is in the room when Dev while brushing asks if she has checked the homework of the children since he was not able to, she replies she checked it in the evening, Dev once again questions if she talked with Neha about what is wrong, Sonakshi replies she doesnot even talk casually with her so how would she talk about her private life, Dev once again tries to ask something when she orders him to first finish brushing his teeth as she cannot handle four children, he comes to sit with her on the bed, explaining how he likes Sonakshi in this mood, he hugs her, she asks if he felt that the behaviour of Sanjana was a little weird. Dev starts thinking about it.

Sanjana in while getting dressed explains Dev turned her emotions in a laugh when she revealed how she felt, it was all because of Sonakshi as she came in between them otherwise who would not have believed her when she got down on her knees, she is sure that he has believed her.

Dev reveals he was not able to understand Sanjana as she is actually a little weird otherwise who would talk like this to their boss, as much as he has understood her is that sometimes he cannot understand what is she saying, he feels it is because she doesnot have anyone in her family so tries to go an extra mile in each and every effort, he explains she is a nice girl, Sonakshi exclaims she knows how it feels when they go through a heart break, it is a blessing that she has him in her life.

Sonakshi questions what time it since Sanjana is left really late, she asks Dev to text her asking if she reached safely back to her house.

Rhea asks Sanjana if she has not understood it even now that Dev loves his wife the most, Sanjana replies that she is sure dev sir is thinking about her, she gets a text from Dev so getting excited explains that she is fine.

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 28th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Dev and Sonakshi are in the room when Soha knocks on the door asking if she can sleep with them both, Soha suddenly hugs Sonakshi asking what is that made her feel so scared, Dev asks if it was a monster as he knows she is really strong, Sonakshi explains it is because of Neha bua that she is scared, Dev asks what is the reason when Soha replies she told her that Aayush is really nice and everyone would love him more than her, which worried her, Dev assures her that she is his princess and he would love her the most, he asks if she has ever heard him calling any of her brother as prince, Dev and Sonakshi both assure her that she will always be their princess.

Ishwari is massaging the feet of Neha, Dev in anger comes to the room, Ishwari asks what is wrong when Dev asks her to question Neha, he questions why is she telling Soha that in this house they give preference to boys over girls, Neha questions what wrong has she said since this is what she saw since her childhood as Maa always took his side, Dev starts arguing with her questioning what is she saying, he requests her to not say anything from her imagination to his daughter, Neha asks what is he saying questioning if Soha is not her niece, Ishwari tries to calm them both, Neha still feels that she is taking the side of Dev, Ishwari asks him to leave as they would not be able to explain anything to Neha now.

Sonakshi is in the kitchen with Shuv, Dev coming asks why he not slept as it is really late, Shuv says he wanted to drink chocolate milk, Dev takes out the chocolate, Sonakshi replies she came because Soha wanted milk, Shuv also came running after her, he asks Dev to put him down so he will call Didi. Dev informs Sonakshi he talked with Neha, advising her to not put these imaginative things in their daughter’s mind, he explains how he knows Soha felt a bit different when Aayush came but they both managed to take care of their children but now this, Sonakshi assures how they will take care of everything.

In the morning Sonakshi is in the kitchen, Shuv is singing the poem while Bijoy is on the call, Sonakshi seeing Ronita asks for whom is this food, Bijoy explains it is for Zayden as he is not eating anything and has not even come out of the room, Bijoy asks Sonakshi what does she feel can cause this, Sonakshi replies if it is not any medical issue then would be financial, she ends the call as she has to help the children.

Bijoy calls of Zayden forcing him to sit on the table with them, Zayden explains he is not hungry when Bijoy forces him to eat saying it is his birthday but then Saurabh accidentally says his birthday is in March, Zayden once again leaves the food, Bijoy asks if it is some financial problem, Zayden explains how he doesnot have any money and there are still two months for his sports scholarship, Zayden asks then what is the problem as they all will solve his problem as no problem can be solved on an empty stomach, Saurabh explains just like him, Zayden with a smile starts drinking tea.

Dev comes to Ishwari exclaiming no mother can be as pretty as her, Dev asks if Neha is still sleeping till now, he mentions he is the brother of Neha and cares for her, he saw how she is tensed. He did not say anything to her even when she scolded him and even said bad things to Sonakshi but does she actually think it is nice that she is saying such things to Soha as what sort of an impression would it create, Ishwari explains that she knows what Neha did was wrong but she is just wants to make him realize that Neha only has this house to relax after her marriage where she can come to relax and this is what she wants Neha to feel every time she comes even when she is no more in this world, Dev and Sonakshi must make sure to make her feel the same.

Dev comes to his office, he is shocked to see the flowers arranged, he opens the letter when Sanjana comes from behind with the verses explaining that it was really difficult for her to reach this position, but she finally managed to gather the courage to say it, Dev is stunned hearing this.

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