Molkki 29th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Episode begins with Nani tells Virendra that he deserves this punishment for killing Daksh. Purvi tells her that the latter also saw that Daksh tried to rape her. Nani tells her that she knows that Daksh did wrong but Virendra did crime by killing Daksh and leaves from there. Virendra asks Purvi to not cry because she wanted him to stay away from her and that’s what happening now. She tells him that he shoot Daksh to save her so it’s her responsibility to save him and she will save him no matter what. Police inspector suugests her to talk to her Lawyer to re appeal in supreme court because she don’t have much time and he takes Virendra from there.

Prakashi gives money to Purvi’s Lawyer. Purvi understands that her Lawyer betrayed her and slaps him. She asks him that how can he betray Virendra and his job. He apologizes to her and leaves from there. She tells Prakashi that she can’t even call her as mother. She asks her that how can the latter do this with Virendra when he treated her like his own mother. Prakashi tells her that the latter must be feeling so sad seeing Virendra like this but everything happening because of her and Virendra only. She reminds her that she pleaded her and Virendra to save Vaibhav but they betrayed her that day.

She tells her that she did Virendra’s upbringing but Virendra throw her out of the palace without thinking that how she will live in this age. She asks her that how can the latter expect that she will remain silent after facing all this. She tells her that she took her revenge for Vaibhav. Purvi tells her that she won’t let anything happen to Virendra and leaves from there. Prakashi screams that Purvi can try how much she wants but she can’t save Virendra.

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After some time, Purvi meets new Lawyer to re appeal in supreme court. He tells her that this case is really weak but he will try his best to save Virendra. He asks her to give 5 lakhs in advance because this case is really complicated one. She tells him that she will arrange it and leaves from there.

She reaches the palace and decides to sell her necklace to give fees to Lawyer. Prakashi tells her that the latter don’t have any rights on this necklace. Purvi tells her that Virendra gave this necklace to her as gift so she has full rights to sell this. Veer comes there and reminds her that he is the owner of this property so she don’t have any rights. Priyashi asks Purvi to not forget her place and throws her out of the palace.

Kids comes there and asks Purvi about Virendra. Priyashi tells them that Virendra won’t return. Sudha comes there and asks that what’s happening here. Priyashi asks her to leave with Purvi. Veer tells Sudha to forget their marriage and let him live with Priyashi. Sudha, Purvi and Kids leaves from there. Sudha tells Purvi that they can go to NGO. They reaches the NGO and cleans the room to stay. Purvi feeds Kids. Juhi asks Purvi that won’t Virendra return now.

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