Choti Sardarni 29th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Episode begins with Seher recalls that how elders expected good news from her and also how Rajveer revealed about his promise. On the other hand, Rajveer gets worried for Seher and calls Param to know about her. He learns that Seher didn’t went to Gill mansion and disconnects the call. He wonders that where she would have went. Meanwhile Didiji orders her goons to find Seher as soon as possible. She thinks that Seher should not take any decision against her no matter what. She tells herself that she will bring her Sonu to this world for sure. She finds Seher’s location. Rajveer also traces Seher’s location and finds it.

Seher recalls that how Rajveer supported her always. She tells her parents that she is not understanding that what’s happening in her life and what she should do and which path she should choose. She pleads them to help her. She tells them that there must be some reason behind Rajveer’s promise still she can’t even think about baby. She accepts that Rajveer helped her so much but she don’t love him. She wonders that how can she face Rajveer because she can’t help him to fulfill this promise.

Didiji comes there and asks about the latter’s decision. She tells her that she wants to know the latter’s answer. Seher tells her that she is not understanding anything. Didiji tells her that she can understand the latter’s dreams and expectations. She informs her that how her husband used to beat her and Rajveer. She reveals that her miscarriage happened while saving Rajveer. She tells her that she lost her Sonu and still Sonu comes in her dreams. She pleads her to return Sonu to her. She asks her to fulfill Rajveer’s promise.

She emotionally blackmails her and tells her that Meher would have understood her pain if she was alive then. She asks her that is she did anything wrong by waiting for Sonu. She pleads her to say something and not stay silent. Seher tells her that she has no idea about her and Rajveer’s past. Didiji tells her that it was Rajveer’s promise so she won’t force her to fulfill his promise. Seher tells her that she need time to think about it. Rajveer comes there and asks Seher to deny. Seher stops him and asks Didiji to not think about anything else.

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Rajveer tells Didiji that he made promise to her so the latter should not involve Seher in this matter. Didiji tells Seher that she will be waiting for her and leaves from there. Rajveer tells Seher that there is nothing left to think so they should not give any hope to Didiji. She hugs him and tells him that he faced so much in his childhood. She apologizes to him for reacting without knowing the complete truth.

She says to him that she can’t ignore Didiji’s pain because she have witnessed Meher’s pain. He tells her that she has no idea that what she is saying. She tells him that she knows that they are just friends and they are going to separate soon. She says to him that she can’t break Didiji’s heart and she really needed time to think about everything. He hugs her to comfort her.

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