Choti Sardarni 28th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Choti Sardarni 28th September 2021 Seher says I know you’re in tension. what’s troubling you? Please tell me. I know you come here when you’re upset. Tell me. Can’t you let me help you? Please tell me. A woman falls. Rajveer holds her. She says son please take me out. Harshdeep also comes to the temple. Ramila follows her. Seher asks Rajveer please tell me. What’s the reason of your tension?

He says you.. You are the reason of my tension. Seher says me? I am the reason of your tension? He says no.. You’re getting it wrong. Seher says you’re right. You loved that girl and now you are married to me. You’re stuck in this marriage. I will leave you today. You don’t have to put up with all this now. I will leave your life today. You can send divorce papers. Rajveer says no..

Harsh prays at the temple. She recalls she came there and prayed please fulfill my wish God. I want to be a mother. She says Pir baba you gave me a child but he couldn’t come to this world. My second wish is that Rajveer fulfills his promise. It was my dream to become a mother. Please give me a child. Please help Ravjeer convince Seher and they both can give me this child.

Seher walks away. Rajveer says Seher dida wants us to give her our first child. Seher is shocked. She stops. Rajveer says I said yes, I promised her Seher. Seher sits down in shock. Seher stops him from coming to her. Seher cries. Rajveer says Seher.. I didn’t mean to.. Seher steps back and sits down. She cries. Rajveer says I couldn’t even think of you that way. Seher says I told you I trusted you the most.

First Kunal shattered my trust and now you. Rajveer says I take my words. Please forgive me. She says you said what you had to. You said we are friends only. There can’t be any relationship between us. You want a child between us? Seriously? Rajveer says let me explain. Seher says everything is changed. Nothing can be like how it was. Rajveer says please listen.

Harsh comes to the car. Ramila sneaks in the trunk. Harsh says you can come sit on the seat. You think I didn’t know you were in the car? Harsh says I wanted to be a mother. I want Rajveer and Seher to give me their first child. He will call me mom. I will do anything to get my Sonu back even if I have to kill someone. I will get the child.

Seher runs away. Rajveer says please listen.. She says don’t even come near me. He says please listen. Seher says leave me alone. Just go. Rajveer says please listen to me once. She says did you listen to me? Why can’t you let me be. don’t even want to see your face. Don’t even talk to me. I don’t know if I will ever talk to you again. Just leave me alone. She leaves. Rajveer sits there and cries.

Ramila says you think Rajveer will give you his child? And Seher is clever. She will never give you her child. You will never be a mother. Harsh says get out of my car. Ramila says what? She says get out of my car. Ramila is on the road. Ramila says you will pay for this.

Rajveer comes home. Harsh says did you tell Seher? He says yes I did. Harsh says thank you Raj. THank God. You made me so happy. I can’t wait for the good news. Did you tell her about the promise? Rajveer says she’s in a shock. Harsh says why? Did she say yes? Will she agree? Rajveer says no. Harsh says how dare she..

Rajveer says how can she say a yes? You know the condition we got married in. There is no normal husband wife relationship between us. You are thinking about yourself. You are not caring about Seher. This is wrong. She says wow. My brother is grown up. Now you’re talking to me like that? I never thought the one I raised like my own child you will talk to me like this. Rajveer says I never thought either that my dida who’s like a mom would demand this. Harshdeep says it’s out of my hands.

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I want my son back. Rajveer says nothing is more important than Seher right now. I promised her I will never.. Harsh says you promised me as well. Rajveer says yes I did. That’s why I came here to talk to you. Don’t force me fulfill it. I am breaking.. Harsh says don’t say that. I beg you. Why don’t you get it? He says Seher is my responsibility. she says I am not your responsibility? For that girl you will talk to me like this? I was alive because of that promise. You promised me you will give me my Sonu. Rajveer says I was a kid. I didn’t know what a promise is and its important.

I saw tears in your eyes. Harsh says what about the promise you made yesterday? Rajveer says I was scared. I heard the kid crying. Harsh says I have been hearing his cries forever. Suddenly you’ve grown up. Rajveer says husband and wife decide things together. I told Seher I won’t do it. Harsh says I will talk to her and get this child from her.

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