Nima Denzongpa 28th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Nima Denzongpa 28th September 2021 Varun is eating food and tells Tulika that I saw baba with his girls today. Tulika says what? who were they? Varun says they were Sia, Mania and Nari. Tulika scolds him and says don’t fool me. Sunita says Nima is using her daughters now to reach to Suresh? Varun says baba was loving them so much. Sunita asks Tulika to question Suresh. Tulika says I will not spare that cheap Nima.

Nima and another cook Das are working in the kitchen. Suman comes there and says we will have important guests coming so cook something nice. Das says I am not feeling well. Bakay checks him and says he has a high fever. Suman asks him to go home and rest. We will handle everything. Das leaves.

Bakay says Nima can handle everything for a day right? Suman tells Nima that I know you don’t like to stay late and leave your daughters alone at home but it’s just for one day. It’s an emergency, I will get you dropped also. Bakay will help you too. Nima says I understand, I will manage. Suman thanks her and leaves.

Sia gets the job. Mania congratulates her. Sia looks around for Shiv. Mania teases her saying you will meet him daily. Shiv comes there and says you don’t even recognize me now? Sia says I was looking for you only. Mania introduces herself to him. Sia says we should get going. Shiv says we have our annual party tomorrow so come with Mania. Mania says we will come. He leaves. Sia says you know Ayi doesn’t like all this. Mania says don’t worry, I will talk to Ayi, we will have fun at the party.

Nima comes home to see Mania organizing her cupboard and says wow I am impressed. Nari says she must be up to something. Sia says don’t tease here. Sia shows her appointment letter to Nima. Nima gets emotional seeing it and smiles at Sia. She hugs Sia and blesses her. Nima says you have made my dream come true, work hard. Mania says Sia will have her own table at the office.

She asks Sia to tell Ayi about work. Sia gets tensed. Mania says there will be an annual party tomorrow at her office. I got invited also, it will be good for Sia to make connections at her office. Nima says there is no need for parties, don’t try to fool me. You should look for a job before I take you to work at my boss’s house. She leaves from there. Nari laughs at her. Mania says soon you people would be envious of me. She comes to Sia and asks if she is sad? Sia says Ayi is right, I will tell no to Shiv in the morning. Mania says I am sorry.

Scene 2
In the morning, Nima tells Sarla that Sia had an annual party at her office. Mania said it would be good for her office contacts but I scolded them. Sarla says Mania is right, my ma’am works at a bank and goes out for parties. It’s part of their work, you should trust them and let them go. Nima says you are right.

Nima goes to fill the bucket. Tulika comes there and says I need to talk to you. Nima says then talk here. Tulika says why do you keep trying to trap Suresh? You are using your daughters now? Nima says Suresh and I got divorced so I don’t need to trap him, I don’t have time to waste on cooking these stories. All laugh at Tulika. Tulika says still stop daughters. Nima says I don’t need to, they are adults now so control your husband. She leaves from there. Tulika looks on.

Sia is practicing to call Shiv and tell him they can’t come to the party. Nima comes there and says you both can go to the party. Sia says really? Mania says I will be with Sia all the time. Nima says Nari will go with you both. Nari says I don’t want to. Nima says you 3 will go together. Mania asks Nari to come with them. Nari says fine but we will be back soon. Nima asks them to come back by 10 PM. They all are excited.

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Suresh gets a call from his boss Balaj and says okay.. he looks tensed. He comes back home. Sunita asks what happened? Suresh says there Balaj is aged now so he isn’t getting much work which means I am not getting much work either. We will have to find another way. He calls Varun and says I was not good at studies like you but I took care of the house when my father died. I was responsible at your age.

Varun says but you are taking care of everything right now. Suresh says but you can start helping me. I will make you a spot boy. Varun says I am a star, I won’t be a spot boy like you. Suresh shouts how dare you to insult me like this? I provide for everything you need. Tulika says he is a kid, he asks Varun to be more responsible. Varun says soon I will be an internet sensation. Sunita says that’s how kids are these days.

Suresh says Nima’s daughters are from this generation also. Sia is working at a bank, Nari is a topper in her college and what is this Varun doing? Varun says he is always putting me down, how will I pass in this stress? Tulika says that Nima and her daughters are your own right? Suresh says it was my mistake to talk about Varun’s future, he leaves from there. Tulika scolds Varun saying your baba was right.

Nima tells Bakay that I am leaving, tell Suman that everything is ready. You just need to manage rotis. Bakay says fine. She greets Maaji and starts leaving but she stops her. Maaji says Suman told you to stay late today. Nima says but I have done all my work, I didn’t take a rest at all today. Maaji says so you are favoring us? The guests haven’t even arrived, till they don’t come, you have to stay here. Nima looks on and thinks I might get late.

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