Nima Denzongpa 27th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update :–

Nima Denzongpa 27th September 2021 Nima tells Suresh that a lot of time has passed, kids are not kids anymore. They have likes and dislikes. My daughters are not kids anymore and I can’t change their minds because they can see right and wrong. Don’t take me wrongly but Varun should have had some shame before doing all that. What my daughters did was to teach a lesson to Varun. Suresh says I never thought our kids would be in this mess also.

I know you have had to bear a lot. Nima says I know you are helpless. It’s been years since our divorce, you don’t owe me anything now. I am also sorry. Suresh sadly looks away. Nima says my daughters are like me, they are stubborn like me.

Sures smiles and says how can you handle everything on your own? You still understand me even after years. You have never pained anyone but still, you understand others’ pain. Nima sadly looks on. The seller asks for money for tea. Nima gives it to him. Suresh looks on. Nima says I should leave. Suresh stops her and says thank you. Nima sadly smiles and leaves. Suresh wipes his tears.

Mania has put a face pack and tells Nari that I don’t care about education and a job but my beauty will take me forward. I will get a cute guy. Nima comes there and says you all think this is all joke? Your baba told me that you got a fake inspector to scold Varun. I had to say sorry to your baba. They all say sorry. Nima asks them to not do it again. Mania asks if she brought her shampoo? Nima gives her the shopper but Mania finds chili powder in it.

Tulika takes the shopper from Suresh and finds shampoo in it. She says I asked Suresh to bring chili powder so what is all this? She comes to Sunita and says he brought all ladies’ stuff. She starts crying. Sunita says he is already stuck between two women so he won’t think about another one. Maybe he wants you to focus on your beauty more.

Shiva is in the bank and asks his senior about Sia. He says she didn’t come back with her papers so I will give the job to someone else by tomorrow. Mohan looks on.

Nari is studying. Mania says I have never worked this hard. Sia gets a call from Shiv, he acts like a senior and says you won’t get the job now. Sia begs him to please wait till tomorrow. Shiv says I am sorry, I was joking, bring your papers tomorrow. Sia smiles and says thank you. She ends the call. Mania teases Sia and asks if he is handsome? Sia says there is no romance. Nima comes there and says romance? Mania says I was joking about it. Nima tells Mania to not joke like that, don’t even think about romance, Sia’s focus is her career and becoming independent. She leaves from there. Sia looks on.

Nima is sitting outside her house at night. Suresh comes there. Nima says anyone can see you here. Suresh says I don’t care anymore, my heart still beats for you. He hugs her and makes her listen to his heartbeats… it all turns out to be Suresh’s dream and it’s Tulika who is hugging him. Suresh pushes her away and says I am sleepy. Tulika says you brought beauty products for me but doesn’t let me come near you? Suresh recalls how his shopper might have exchanged with Nima’s. He says I might have taken someone else’s shopper. I will return it. Tulika thinks something is wrong.

In the morning, Mania says Maa can’t even take the shopper back from Baba. Sia says you know Ayi’s helpless, she doesn’t want to embarrass baba. Nari says I don’t agree, he never thought about Ayi. Suresh comes there and smiles at them. Sia and Mania smile at him but Nari angrily looks away. He asks how are you all? Mania says like before. Sia says I got a job in a bank. Suresh gets happy and congratulates her.

Suresh says my kids are all grown up. I wish I could be with you all. I miss you. Nari says so who stopped you? You didn’t come so don’t show remorse. She exchanges the shopper and says thank you. Sia says don’t talk like that. Nari says I don’t have time for this, she leaves. Mania goes behind her. Sia says sorry baba. Suresh wipes his tears. Varun sees all that.

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