Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 28th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Episode starts with Kajol coming to Chandana’s room and cleans her room. She says I have brought tea for you and says I know that you are upset with me, and it is justified. She says even I couldn’t understand that why I took so much time to understand Arjun, you was right, if I had learned the worldly things, then wouldn’t have betrayed big.

She says when I met him, I couldn’t believe my destiny, rich and handsome guy likes a simple girl like me, but he made me understand with love that he likes my simplicity and made me believe that he loves me and made me feel that he knows my helplessness. She says when I talked to him, he suggested me to talk to his baba and he had even said that he will pay the installments of car. She says Baba said that he had talked to Arjun’s baba and car matter is resolved. She says I was thinking it was his plan to meet me, marrying a middle class girl and continuing his affair with his bhabhi.

Naina comes out of a shop. The girl says discount is not there now. Naina says bye. Arjun is standing outside and throws his wallet seeing her coming. He then pretends to pick his wallet and collides with Naina. He says you are here, and asks if everything is fine. Naina says yes and asks what about you? She asks are you okay? He says he feels devastated and destroyed. Naina says I can understand, if you want then we can sit and talk somewhere. She says lets sit in that café. He thinks this is what I wanted.

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Kajol says Arjun is not like he appears. Chandana says your baba loves you a lot and kept you above me, I didn’t feel bad as you was our daughter and house’s lakshmi. She asks if Lakshmi is such, who kills the money earner of the house. She says I didn’t believe at first, I have seen you destroying everything with my eyes. She says if you had not met Arjun, then this wouldn’t have happen and now you are refusing for marriage for which your baba sacrificed. Arjun and Naina sit in the restaurant.

Arjun says everything was ruined, I loved your Didi from my heart and used to do as she said. Naina says we are witness of that. He says I feel sympathetic for her, she used to talk about her helplessness, siblings, and used to say that guys are rejecting her etc. He says he didn’t listen to his family. He says what has happened and pretends to cry. Naina thinks Kajol don’t deserve Arjun like guy. Kajol says how to marry him, when I see his face, I see Baba’s face and his helplessness. She says it is impossible for me to marry him. Chandana says then I can’t forgive you, don’t show your face as I see your dead baba in your face. She asks her to remember that she has killed her baba and not Arjun.

Naina asks him not to blame himself and says your family was right, you would have got more good girl than Kajol. She says you both were totally mismatched. She says who can know her more than me, she looks simple, but she is like a wolf, everyone saw her real face. He asks what do you want to say.

Naina says she wanted the car, but when Baba died, she put the blame on you. She says I know that she is secretly ambitious, and knew that Baba will not agree if she refuses. Shreya calls Arjun, but he rejects her call. Naina asks him to take the call. Arjun says it is not important. Shreya calls on his office number and comes to know that he is not in his office. She gets angry and thinks with whom he is?

Arjun says how to clean my forehead, which is blackened by Kajol. He says he couldn’t concentrate on his family and work. Naina says surely you will get such a girl soon, who will heal your pain. She touches his hands. He also holds her hand. Naina apologizes to Arjun on Kajol’s behalf. He says don’t apologize to me, I am feeling light after talking to you. He asks can I call you, if I feel alone.

She says yes, ofcourse, it will be my pleasure. She gets Chandana’s call and says I have to go, we will meet if you feel good. She goes. Arjun wipes his fake tears with tissue and thinks now I will show you, my real face, it is not easy to get rid of me. He gets Shreya’s call and says hello. Shreya asks why are you rejecting the call. Arjun says he was busy. Shreya says I know you are not in office. He says he is in meeting outside. Shreya says I used to think how to come back, to heal your heart and you. He says he is in a meeting and working on a project. He thinks Naina is his new project and drinks tea.

Pishimaa tells Chandana, this is test of everyone, tells that whatever we thought, didn’t happen. She says if Kajol don’t want to marry Arjun, then we can’t force her. She says they can’t be happy as there is so much problems between them. She asks her not to force Kajol and says if Vishu would have been here, then would have told you the same thing.

Sharmila asks Arundita, how is Arjun? She says it was love marriage and it is painful moment for both Arjun and Kajol. Dr. Anurag hears her and is about to go. Sharmila asks where are you going now? Dr. Anurag says why did she gossip and what was the need to talk to such people. Sharmila says it was courtesy call and says Arundita told that Kajol has called off the marriage. Anurag says she should have done this long back, and says still Arjun hopes for forgiveness even after getting slap.

Sharmila says that girl identified the family and gave them right reply. Dr. Anurag says shall I go now? Sharmila asks him to meet Kajol and her family once. Dr. Anurag asks why shall we interfere in strangers’ life. Sharmila says Kajol was your Mother’s student so this relation is old and deep. Dr. Anurag looks at his mother’s pic. Sharmila says may be you can see your mother from her sight, tells that Guru and Shishya’s relation are different. Dr. Anurag says I will think, and says I am not promising.

He goes out and recalls Kajol slapping Arjun and asks them to get out. He thinks it is good that she has taken the right decision, it is better to live life alone, rather than marrying a wrong person. He goes in his car and stops seeing Kajol on the bus stand. He smiles, someone rings the horn. He looks at the girl and she is someone else. He drives the car.

Kajol calls Rajesh and asks him to ask Dr. Anurag, from where to get his death certificate. She hears Pishimaa asking people to calm down. She ends the call and goes. The money lenders ask them to return their money. Shyam says we will return the money. The money lender tells that you don’t know anything other than music. Kajol comes there and asks why are they taunting Chacha ji. The other money lender says Vishwanath ji betrayed us and left. Kajol says baba didn’t betray anyone, and tells that she will repay all his debts.

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