Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 29th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 29th September 2021 Episode starts with Kajol telling the money lenders that she will take up this responsibility and will return all their money. The money lenders tell 7 lakhs, 5.5 lakhs, 8 lakhs, 3.5 lakhs. Naina says Baba has taken so much loan for one marriage.

The money lender asks how she will repay the money, as the printing press is mortgaged and you have nothing to repay our loans. Kajol asks them to trust her and says give me some time. Rajesh comes there and sees Agarwal, Ghosh and others. He says Sir passed away few days back and you people came here, have some shame. Ghosh says we can’t make our business suffer. Kajol asks them to give her sometime and says she will return all their debts.

Agarwal asks them to sell the jewellery and money, which they are having for marriage and says sell this house too, it is bought with our money. Pishimaa asks him to talk in low tone and says you are standing in respected person’s house. She says you are shouting for money, if we are running away. Kajol says I am like my Baba and will return your money, I stick to my words. Ghosh says you have broken your marriage and asks how will you return money. Kajol says I will work in the outside work to repay your money.

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Ghosh says it won’t be easy. Kajol says it will be difficult, but I will do something. They ask her to give some amount tomorrow and promise the give the remaining, else they will drag them to the PS. Dr. Anurag comes there and hears everything. They all leave. Kajol gets tensed. Dr. Anurag knocks on the door and comes inside. He says Vishwanath ji’s final death certificate. I got it and thought to give it to you. Dr. Anurag goes out and finds the money lenders standing there still. He thanks them and says did you try to set example at home.

He asks them to handle the house for once and then tell. He asks them if they didn’t show ashamed to talk to a helpless girl, her siblings, mother and aunt. He says thank you for shaking them up as these helpless people brings the storm and does the unthinkable. The money lenders leave from there. He is about to go and hears Chandana accusing Kajol and asking her to lose this house and jewellery. Naina asks what else you will lose now.

Chandana says don’t think about jewellery, I have three daughters and one son, and you have broken marriage, so only they have right on the money and everything. Dr. Anurag leaves from there and feels distressed about her plight. He recalls the money lenders ultimatum to Kajol. Rajesh asks Kajol not to worry and says I will do something.

Kajol asks if something happened about car. He says I will go to office tomorrow and see. Kajol says even I will come to office from tomorrow. Pishimaa says you will go to office. Kajol says yes, Baba has written in the letter that he has trust on me that I will handle home if something happens to him. Rajesh says I will teach you everything, if you come to the office, then I will think Vishu sir is with me. Kajol prays for her baba’s blessings.

Dr. Anurag thinks it was Kajol’s bad destin y that she met Arjun. Nurse says operation arrangement is done. Dr. Anurag goes to operate. Arjun comes to the dining table. Mr. Chatterjee asks if he is going to office. Arjun says yes. Arundita asks him not to fall in any random girl’s love again. He says mom please. Arundita asks him not to talk to her in that tone and says how dare she to slap diamond ring on your face, if she saw diamond before. Amrita gets up. Arundita asks where is she going? Amrita says she had heard enough against Kajol. Chatterjee asks her not to forget that she has chatterjee surname and says you was not there, when she insulted us. Amrita says Ayaan bhaiyya was right, nobody values the pure gold infront of diamond’s shine. She says Kajol was pure gold and it was our loss that she is not here.

Kajol gets ready to go to the Printing press. Pishimaa makes her have curd and sugar. Naina asks her not to lose everything after going to office. She messages Arjun. Arjun gets happy and replies her back. He gets Shreya’s call. Tai ji asks him to pick her call. He says hi bhabhi and asks her to see that they are also having breakfast together. Tai ji, Arundita and Chatterjee say good morning to her. Shreya says good morning.

Arundita asks did you set there? Shreya says I talked to my Papa and he asked his branch office to arrange things for here. Tai ji says this house has become lonely after you have gone and we hear the insult all the time. Shreya asks her to forget everything. Arundita says after whatever drama happened in Kajol’s house, I think that I shall take therapy now. Shreya says you went to Kajol’s house again. Chatterjee says your dear brother in law took us there. Arjun takes the call and tells that he has pressure from Ayaan and that’s why took them there. He says I need to go to office and ends the call. Arundita asks him to have food.

Arjun says he don’t want to have food and tells that until you people talk about all this. Chatterjee asks him to get married to a nice girl. Tai ji says she will search in her society. Arjun thinks about Kajol and Shreya’s words and says I am not yet ready. Chatterjee asks him to think soon, to get rid of Kajol. Kajol comes to the Ananda Printing Press and opens the shutter. She gets inside. Thoda sa badal plays……

She recalls the inauguration of the printing press and recalls Vishu making Kajol and her sisters having bhog first after the puja. She says baba, I was always auspicious for you, but I am inauspicious and cursed for Maa. She says Maa don’t let me enter your room. She says I see you in everything here, in this pen, walls, chair and towel where you used to keep your head. She asks him to give her strength so that she can take care of her siblings and repay the debts.

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