Nima Denzongpa 29th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Nima Denzongpa 29th September 2021 Maaji asks Nima to stay back till the guests are here. Nima says but my girls.. Maaji says you keep talking about making your girls independent so you can’t leave them for a bit? Nima says I will stay back.

Sia, Mania and Nari come to the party. Mania says I got the clothes from my stylist friend but you both are wearing boring clothes. Sia sees Shiv and smiles. Nari gets a call her Kamat Sir. She says sir what? Please. I have worked hard.

He ends the call. Nari tells Sia that the college won’t handwritten assignments anymore, if I knew before then I would have found a library, what will I do now? Mania says let’s leave this party, we will figure something out for you. They start leaving but Shiv comes there and asks what happened? Sia tells him. Shiv says Nari can use my computer, it’s here. Nari thanks him. Shiv brings Nari to his desk and asks her to work here. Nari thanks him and starts working.

Shiv introduces Sia at the party. Mania smiles at a girl. The girl introduces herself as Naina. Mania says I know, you are a fashion influencer and I follow you all the time. Naina says thank you. She asks where do you leave? Mania lies we live at Bandra. Shiv takes Sia from there.

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Sia brings food for Nari who is working on the assignment. Naina takes Mania’s number and says I was getting bored here so it’s good I met you here. Mania says I am glad.
Shiv tells Sia why doesn’t she speak much? Sia gets Nima’s call. Nima asks them to reach home around 10 PM, I will get a little late. Sia says okay. Mania says let’s go. She says bye to Naina. Sia and Mania come to Nari. Nari says I can’t leave, it will take one hour more to finish this assignment. Mania says okay, focus on it. I will message Ayi.

Mania is about to message Nima but Naina takes her from there. Sia gets busy talking to Shiv. Mania is busy with Naina and they forget to inform Nima. Later, Nari finishes her assignment around 11:15 PM. Sia says I hope Ayi didn’t come home. Naina brings her car and says I can drop you all at Bandra. Mania says it’s no issue. Naina leaves from there. Shiv gets an auto for them and tells him their real address. He says I saw it on Sia’s file, I understand Mania had to lie to Naina to uphold her cool image. Mania laughs. He says I will follow you all on my bike. They leave from there.

Sia is sitting in the rickshaw with her sisters. Shiv is following them on his bike. Sia smiles at him. Mania tells Sia that he is handsome and romantic, I wish he was rich so I would have chosen. Sia blushes looking at him. They arrive at their society. Sia thanks Shiv. Shiv says I am happy to drop you all here. Sia shakes his hand. Nima arrives there and sees them shaking. She glares at Sia. They turn to see Nima standing there. Nima glares at them and says I should ask what you are doing out till now? Shiv introduces himself but Nima ignores him. Shiv leaves. Nima angrily goes into her house. Sia says she is very angry. Mania says don’t worry, we will talk to her once she calms down.

Suresh is sitting alone in his room. Tulika asks what are you thinking? Suresh says I was thinking about Varun, what is he doing these days? He doesn’t take any responsibility. Where is he right now? His friends are useless. Tulika says we can’t do much, he lives in a cheap society so he will make friends like these. Suresh says but he doesn’t focus on his studies, you wanted me to put him in a good college because Nima’s daughters study there.

He got admission because of Balaj sir, if Varun doesn’t pass this class then I will take him out of the college. Tulika says you just want that Nima and her daughters. You keep taunting me about them. Suresh says you always bring her when I am talking about Varun. He leaves from there.
Suresh comes out of his house and sees Nima going to her house. He sees his daughters going with her and thinks they were out till late?

Varun tells his friends that I am making a new video and it will make me famous. His friend shows him that junior actor’s video and says Mania was fooled by bringing a fake inspector. Varun gets angry and thinks I will take revenge on Mania.

Nima scolds her kids and says you people promised to be back by 10 PM but you all lied to me. Mania says we were coming back but had to stay back because of Nari’s assignment. Nima says wow, you should write stories. Mania says I messaged you also. Nima says I didn’t get any message. Mania checks her phone but there is no message, she recalls how she forgot to message her. Nari says she is not lying. Nima says you all are lying to me. Mania says it’s all my fault, you won’t listen to us anyway. She starts to leave. Nima says where are you going? Mania says I can’t leave this jail so I am just sitting outside. Nima looks on.

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