Shakti 29th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Shakti 29th September 2021 Episode starts with Soumya asking Preeto not to cry and says the baby went with her family and we want her happiness. She says her Dada and Dadi will take care of her. She says we wanted to bring her up like Heer, but she has her own family and we can’t separate her from her family. She says we have told them that we will take care of her education and expenses and asks her to assure herself that they will take care of her. She says I will bring food.

Preeto says I am not hungry. Soumya says if we have to take care of her, then we need to have good health. She says she will bring food for them. Chintu calls Angel and says you made it, Angel does her work, what an acting and get up, nobody could identify you, you have changed your voice too. He says I was stopping my laugh, and says now nobody can stop me from breaking this house, my dream will break, all thanks to you Angel, and says bye. He turns and looks at Soumya standing and hearing him.

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He asks Soumya to listen. Soumya holds his collar and takes him out. She slaps him. Everyone comes there. Soumya says you have thought my silence as weakness. She slaps him again and asks how dare you? You have hate us so much and used that baby to take revenge on us. She says I will not leave you.

Preeto asks what did he do? Soumya says that old people were not the baby’s grand parents and says he shook hands with Angel and separated the baby from us. She says I will not leave you and tells that he has provoked Raavi, Veeran and Simran to get their share. She says don’t know what that Angel will do with the baby. She asks Veeran if he came in his talks. Veeran says a big betrayal.

We didn’t know that they were Angel’s people. He says we were unaware that he is with Angel and planned to give the baby to her. Raavi says if we had known then we wouldn’t have supported him. She says Chintu told us that he will send the girl to a secured place and promised to give her good life, and asks what did you do? Chintu says I lied and did deal with Angel. He says deal was that, she needs the baby and he wants to get rid of her. He asks them why are they upset, as they want the baby to go away from the house.

He says I didn’t forget Papa’s death and will not leave any chance to take revenge from Soumya and Preeto. He says I did this with Angel, what you will do. He says they will yearn for the baby, now Angel must be going out of city with the baby. Preeto says you have risked the baby to take your revenge, I will punish you.

She goes inside and brings gun in her hand. She aims gun at him. Chintu asks what are you doing? Raavi gets shocked. Preeto says I have bear you enough, now not anymore. Harak Singh tries to stop her. Preeto says your dirty blood will never change, you have no right to live and shoots at him, but Soumya moves the gun in air and the bullet hits the roof. Preeto asks why did you save him?

He has separated us from our daughter. Harak Singh says we have to search Angel, else don’t know where she will go. He asks Harak Singh and Virat to come along with him to the Police station. They leave. Soumya tells Preeto that she will go to Angel’s house. Preeto says even I will come. They come to kinnars’ house and see them crying. Soumya asks where is Angel? The kinnar says even we want to know where is Angel? Preeto asks them to stop acting and says Angel has eloped with my small daughter, says if you don’t tell me about her, then you all will suffer. The kinnar tells that they are ruined and tells that Angel has eloped with all their lives’ earning and asks how we will spend our lives now.

Raavi slaps Chintu and says you have so much hatred in yourself, that you didn’t leave a small girl and handed her to Angel. She says if anything happens to the baby then I will not leave you. Chintu says even you have become drama queen and says why are you scolding your son due to that girl. He asks who is she? Veeran says she is nothing to us, but there is something called humanity. He says you have made us like you, and made us sinner like you. He says we thought the baby will go to some other house and have a good life, but you gave her to Angel. He says he wants to slap him hard. Chintu says what is the problem of your generation.

The kinnar tells Soumya that she was right, Angel was greedy about money. Soumya says you would have seen how she is playing with people’s lives. She asks them to stop crying and says this is the time to fight for your rights, you people should have searched her, but mourning here. She asks why they got dependent on Angel and thought her as God. She says it is kinnar community’s duty to bless people and take nek and this Angel made it as a business and made you all as her slaves. She says you didn’t raise your voice against her, and now crying.

The kinnar tells that they have done a big mistake by trusting Angel. Soumya says I didn’t come here to scold you all, asks them to wipe their tears and search Angel. She says she has taken your hard earned money, you shall not let her go, shall search her and the baby and get her punished. She asks them to search her, the way they wants and says we will search her with our way and will not leave that Angel. They leave. Preeto says Angel is not loyal to anyone. Harman calls Soumya and asks if they came to know about Angel. Soumya says no, and says she has escaped with all the kinnars’ money. He asks them to come to the PS.

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