Udariyaan 29th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Udariyaan 29th September 2021 Episode starts with Fateh and Tejo arguing. Sub-inspector Ballu and lady constable Vimla bring a drunkard man and put him in the lockup. Vimla says you were saying you are a boxer, fight him now. Fateh and Tejo argue. He says its not just my mistake, but yours also. She says its all my mistake, Jasmin left the mandap, family forced for marriage, your heart broke, your lie was caught, your affair was caught, my marriage and my relation broke, its all my mistake.

He says stop it, your mistake is that, you have torn the divorce papers. She says you are responsible for it, shut up. He asks her to shut up. Jasmin says Inspector, you had locked my husband by mistake, Fateh Singh Virk. Ballu says he has two wives, strange, Vimla ji, check if a third girl is coming. She says he is a nice man, leave him, trust me. He says fine, I will see. He goes to Fateh and asks is this your wife. Fateh says yes. He asks one and only? Fateh says yes, she is Tejo Fateh Singh Virk. Ballu says fine.

He goes laughing. Jasmin looks on. Tejo looks at Fateh. Ballu asks where did the second wife go. Vimla says maybe she went to get the third one. They laugh. Jasmin says I will call uncle ji, he will end the problem, no, he will put more charges on Fateh and get him jailed, he will free his lovely bahu, what shall I do. The drunk man lies to sleep. Fateh sees Tejo. He puts a kerchief on the ground and signs Tejo to sit. He asks her to come.

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The man sings Bohot pyaar…. Fateh says stop nonsense, I m already angry. The man says come, vent your anger by dancing with me, you also come. Fateh says stay away from her. Tejo says he isn’t in his senses. He asks so shall I dance with him. She says yes, its better, your night will be spent. The man catches his arm and makes him dance. She laughs. The man says look she is getting happy seeing you dance, she is a nice girl, did you elope with her. Fateh asks are you mad. The man starts crying.

He says my wife had run away with someone else, that’s why I m drinking in the sorrow. Tejo gives him water. The man sings again. Fateh asks what happened to you. She asks can anyone see that this man is in pain, such is the pain of cheat, I have seen a lot, I didn’t know that I will get an experience to spend the night in the jail with you, what else will you show. Fateh says sorry Tejo, I m helpless to my heart. She asks where did this helplessness go when you took me for the nightout. He recalls.

He says Tejo, Jasmin didn’t come in my life that time. She says but she was in your heart. He says I didn’t wish to hurt you. She says I m not feeling bad that you have hurt me, but that you have used me, you played with my emotions, you killed our relation. She cries. She says anyways, this relation had to die, relations based on lies doesn’t last long, if you have decided, then who am I to stop you. He says then don’t stop yourself, you used to ask me to move on, why aren’t you moving on, you think I feel happy seeing you in pain.

Amrik comes to the police station. Jasmin says thanks, I knew you will surely come. Amrik says I didn’t come for you and Fateh, but for Tejo. He greets Ballu. Ballu says you came again, did you get second husband or second boyfriend. Amrik says I came to meet Fateh and Amrik, I m Fateh’s younger brother Amrik, they are innocent. Ballu says get lost, inspector isn’t here. Amrik thinks where did Tejo get stuck. Jasmin thinks he is also worried for Tejo. Fateh asks Tejo to take rest, how long will she stand. She says that mum will also be standing and waiting for her son. Gurpreet cries and hugs Fateh’s pic. Fateh says its tough for me to live without mummy, but I can’t meet her, I don’t want to go there.

Jasmin says I m sorry, please forgive your friend. Amrik says I was wrong to regard you a friend. She says you are saying as if I made big promises. He says no, but you had an affair with Fateh and cheated Tejo, I thought Tejo is wrong, I didn’t know who is wrong actually. He goes. Tejo says you don’t want to go home, a girl’s love is bigger than your parents’ love. Fateh says I will go there with Jasmin, this won’t happen until you are there.

She says I m not there by my wish, but because of Khushbeer, he won’t let me go. He says dad can stop you by right until you are my wife, if you aren’t my wife, then he won’t have a right. She looks at him. She sits there. Its morning, Fateh is resting on her shoulder. She wakes up and sees him. He wakes up and sees her. He gets up and says I m sorry. She asks will you do something, go back home. He says I told you, I won’t go until… She says don’t worry, I will fix everything.

Amrik sees Jasmin sleeping on the bench. Inspector comes. Amrik says listen to me, I m saying the truth, I swear, they are my brother and Bhabhi, I have their marriage pics, see this marriage certificate. Ballu asks why is this girl saying that she is Fateh’s wife. Amrik says she is Tejo’s sister, maybe she was tensed. He asks Jasmin to go out and wait. Amrik says leave them please. Inspector asks what were they doing at the lodge. Amrik says they fought with the family and went there, please leave them. Inspector says fine, let them free. Fateh and Tejo come out. Fateh says thanks Amrik. Jasmin hugs Fateh. She says I was so worried, I slept on the bench and then called Amrik. Sweety comes and hugs her. She gives the Chandigarh flat keys. She says Fateh and you can stay there. Jasmin asks Fateh to come.

Fateh says no Jasmin, we can’t go there. Jasmin asks why, did she tell you something, where will we go. Amrik says we will go home, mummy is unwell, Fateh come home. She says no, Fateh won’t go anywhere. Fateh says mummy is unwell. She says I got insulted there. He says listen to me. She says fine, I m ready, but I have a condition, I want a right of your wife, until this woman is your wife, I won’t come, I m going with Sweety. Fateh says she is giving me divorce. FB shows Tejo saying you are right, if I give you divorce, then Khushbeer won’t have a right, I decided, I will give you divorce and tell Khushbeer that I want to move on. FB ends. Jasmin looks at him.

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