Balika Vadhu 2 29th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Balika Vadhu 2 29th September 2021  Episode starts with Diwari coming to Maadi Baa and thinking to tell her about the marriage. She tells her that there is something which she needs to be known to her. She says that Anandi. Just then Anandi coming there and tells that she wants to talk to talk to Maadi Baa. Diwari asks her to come back later. Anandi insists to talk for a minute. She tells Maadi Baa that she found something when she was cleaning thakur ji’s utensils and shows the basuri.

Maadi Baa gets happy and says this is my thakur ji’s basuri/flute, I was searching it since many days. She appreciates Anandi and asks her to go. Diwari thinks she seems to be happy with Anandi, and says if she might take wrong then Babu ji will throw me out of the house. Kanku and Jigar come home. Anandi says they will play. Kanku says she can’t play, as she has to do group study with her friends.

Jigar asks Anandi not to think about playing with him and says he needs to submit his project and asks Sejal when pappa will come. Sejal asks Anandi to play alone. Anandi says she was alone since morning. Prem ji explains to jigar about the project. Anandi wishes to work on the project with him. Maadi Baa shouts asking her to get clothes from terrace. Later Anandi brings the clothes and comes near Jigar to see the project.

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Jigar asks her not to come near him. There is a glue fallen on the ground. Diwari comes to Anandi and asks her to fold all the clothes properly so that she doesn’t need to iron it. Anandi folds the saree and thinks to go to Jigar to see the project. Maadi Baa asks Anandi to serve the food in the plate and give to Jigar. Anandi takes the food for Jigar and smiles seeing the project, which is ready. She comes near him and steps on the glue. She slips and the food plate falls on Jigar’s project. Anandi falls down.

Jigar looks at his ruined project and gets shocked. Anandi sits on the floor. Jigar scolds Anandi and asks what did you do duffer? Prem ji and others come there and make Anandi stand. Anandi says glue was on the floor kaku. Prem ji tells jigar that he should have been careful. Maadi Baa scolds Anandi for ruining his project and scolds Prem ji for not seeing jigar’s hardwork ruined. Jigar asks Sejal to send Anandi to her house. Prem ji says Anandi is not is not your enemy and says we will try to clean the project.

Jigar says all the glue is over and he can’t make project again. He says I started working on the project just as I came from school, now I will not go to school tomorrow. Sejal asks him to have food. Jigar asks her to make Anandi have food. Maadi Baa scolds Anandi and calls her inauspicious. Anandi says she is not inauspicious, her Baa says and says I came here as you sent me. Maadi Baa gets angry and goes.

Later in the night, Anandi couldn’t sleep and thinks how to help Jigar. She thinks to make gum and says now I understood how to do it. She cooks the rice, grinds something and adds in it. She then comes to the hall, thinks of Prem ji’s words. She looks for scale and thinks to use bapu ji’s stick as scale. Maadi Baa gets up, looking for her stick. She thinks if I kept it somewhere else and thinks to go and check. Anandi draws line with it. Maadi Baa is about to come out, but her foot get sprained.

She thinks to check it in the morning, thinks nobody will dare to touch my stick. Diwari thinks her late night eating habit worked. She thinks lets see how much she can bear and switches off the lights to trouble her. Anandi thinks how I will work without lights. Diwari goes. Anandi brings candles and keeps on the side table. Anandi ties the wires and checks if the light is coming in the project, but at one point, light is not coming. She thinks if all my hardwork got wasted.

In the morning, Sejal wakes up Prem ji and says Anandi is not at home. Prem ji gets worried and calls her. They come to the hall and find Jigar’s project ready and Anandi sleeping on the floor. Prem ji says this means Anandi made this project. Sejal says let her sleep, come with me. They bring Jigar in the hall. Jigar says all project is ruined, now nobody can do anything. He looks at his project ready and Anandi sleeping there. Sejal says what nobody can do, can be done by Anandi.

Jigar says this project is made by Anandi. Prem ji says yes, she woke up all night and made this project. Jigar says it is very beautiful. He starts it and sees the water coming. Prem ji says it works well too. Maadi Baa comes there looking for her stick. Prem ji praises Anandi. She shouts calling Anandi, seeing her stick. Jigar asks her to see his project. Maadi says who made it again. Prem ji says Anandi made it. Maadi Baa gets surprised.

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