Balika Vadhu 2 28th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update :

The episode starts with Maadi Baa asking Anandi to keep doing massage. Later Sejal complains to Premji about Baa’s strict behaviour towards Anandi. She feels guilty of not being a good mother. Premji promises to talk to Maadi Baa to act soft towards Anandi. He says if it was possible he would never allow Anandi to go back. Sejal reminds him that all this is just pretense for Baa and Anandi needs to go back to her home soon.

In morning Maadi Baa is scolding Sejal for bringing warm water late. Premji calms her and tells her to drink the water before it gets cold. Anandi asks her indirectly if she has constipation. Baa scolds her but then agrees. Anandi says she has solution for her problem and goes to get something. She adds black salt tablet in Baa’s warm water and asks her to drink it. Baa drinks and immediately gets relieved. She scolds Anandi for laughing but later quietly asks her if they can buy the tablet she brought from market. Sejal and Premji overhears and smile.

Premji tells Sejal how Baa was talking nicely to Anandi. Anandi comes there and says she wants to go back home. She tells she has been missing her parents a lot. Premji makes her understand that she has to stay till Maadi Baa is here, then he will drop her back to home. Devali tricks Anandi to play game with her. She says in this game both have to tell each other a truth but other one cannot feel angry about it. Devali asks Anandi to say first. Anandi says Devali she is very beautiful but also scary, just her voice scares her. Devali starts laughing and says she aint angry. Then she is about to tell Anandi truth about her marriage with Jigar. However Devraj comes there and stops her.

Devraj slaps Devali and tells her to stop her actions against Anandi. Premji gathers everyone and tells they won property case which was on going since fifteen years. He tells its because of Anandi’s good luck but then Baa says it cause of her Krishna’s luck. Dhingli and Kadvi Baa come to meet Anandi. Ratan lies to them about the reason Anandi staying at Premji’s house. Ratan hopes Anandi comes back soon so that she doesn’t have to answer questions.

Baa shows the stick which was gifted to Devraj’s father by Gandhiji. Anandi gets fascinated and wants to touch it but Baa doesn’t allow her. She feels sad. Jigar is playing with ball. Anandi asks him to play with her. He throws the ball suddenly at her due to which her forehead gets hurt and starts bleeding. Anandi starts crying badly. Devali comes and intentionally presses on hurt part. Premji asks her to remove her hand but instead gets scolded by Maadi Baa. Later Maadi Baa warns Anandi and asks her not to play with Jigar or Gopal or else she will break her legs.

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