Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 30th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

The episode started with Rajesh getting glad finding Kajol in office. He told Kajol we have to find some business soon or we will loose the press. Kajol told we also have to pay the people father borrowed money from. Rajesh told Kajol he will teach he everything. Kajol tells Rajesh to prepare a list of all the old clients and they will meet them all personally. Kajol thinks no matter what she has to do she won’t let her father’s name be ruined.

Arjun picks up Naina and tell this is his own car. Naina tells him not to mock her she knows how capable he is. Arjun tells Kajol was really a big mistake of his life. Naina tells even she thinks Kajol was not his type. Arjun tells his mother and aunt always wanted he would have chosen Naina instead of Kajol. Naina asks Arjun what does he think about her? Arjun tells her he trusts her and feels comfortable with her.

Shreya calls Arjun and scolds him for meeting Kajol again. Arjun cuts her call telling he is busy now. Arjun lies to Naina and tells it was her mother and she was worried about him as he did not have breakfast. Naina thinks she is not like Kajol and she knows it was Shreya. Arjun asks Naina if she has told Kajol about meeting him?

Rajesh meets Anurag and Anurag tells he has talked with the police officers about robbery and they will now solve the case soon. Rajesh thanks Anurag and tells he doubts the moneylender Uttam has some hand in robbery. Anurag tells even police feels the same and he tell Rajesh not to tell about meeting him to Kajol. Anurag gives money to Rajesh and tells to pay the people but requests him not to tell anything to Kajol.

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Kajol calls Rajesh to meet an old client. Naina and Arjun stop to eat ice-cream. Kajol watches Naina and Arjun eating ice-cream and gets worried about Naina. Kajol stops the auto to talk with Naina but she leaves with Arjun in his car. Rajesh thinks if the client gives an advance he will return Anurag’s money. Car stop in front of Anurag’s hospital and a girl steps out. She comes and hugs Anurag. Anurag tells he forgot she was about to join the hospital.

She tells Anurag he hasn’t changed a bit and she tells there might be still be no romantic angle in his life. Anurag starts thinking about Kajol. Kajol and Rajesh starts meeting clients for work but they get no success. Rajesh tells Kajol not to worry he will arrange something. Everyone at home gets worried as the people would be coming anytime to ask for their money. Rajesh thinks Anurag has put him into trouble by asking him not to tell Kajol that he has helped them. The episode ends with Kajol thinking she hopes Rajesh would arrange some money.

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