Nima Denzongpa 30th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Nima Denzongpa 30th September 2021 Mania talks to God and says I need a good guy so I can leave this jail of a house. She sees Naina calling her and thinks she must be thinking I am some celebrity. She takes her call. Naina says I won’t leave you so easily now. Mania says I am sorry if I said something to offend you. Naina says I liked your dressing at the party and you have a good face so I think you should try modeling.

You can come to an audition with me. Mania says I am not so sure. Naina says nobody helped me but I want to help others, if you don’t like it then you can go back. Mania says okay, I will be there. Naina says I will text you the address.

Nari tells Nima that Mania is angry at you. You should listen to us. My sir called me and said that I would need to submit a computer copy of the assignment then Shiv helped us. Mania and Sia had to stay back because of me only. Sia says it was not Mania’s fault, she was just helping Nari. Nima says I mistakenly scolded her. They come out of the house but Mania is missing. Nima sees Mania near the house. She goes to her and says where were you? I got scared. Mania says I went to the washroom. Nima says I am sorry, I get very strict sometimes. She hugs her. Mania is confused.

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Sia and Nari hug them. Nima says let’s go home. She tells her daughters that I used to listen to my parents, I was an obedient kid but then I broke their trust, my family went against me. Sia says we will never do that. Nima says I am just scared, I feel if my parents didn’t trust me that much then I wouldn’t do that mistake, I want you all to study hard and become something in life. Mania says you have to trust that we won’t repeat your mistakes. Nima says let’s promise to never hide anything from each other so we can trust completely. They all promise her. Nima smiles and hugs them. Mania says I will get married to a rich and handsome guy. Nima says enough.

In the morning, Sia is going on her first day of job. Nima comes to see her off and says I am so happy to see you going for a job. Sia says I am glad to see you this happy.

Mania is going for the modeling audition. Varun and his friends follow her to teach her a lesson.

Tulika is making food. She comes to Sunita and says wee have work divided for years but you still don’t cut veggies correctly? I won’t do it. They both start arguing but Suresh comes there and asks where is Varun? Tulika says he went out, he said he would do something to make me happy today. Suresh sighs and leaves for work.

Nima brings Sia to her bank. Sia sees Shiv there. Nima says thank him for bringing you home last night but just focus on work, don’t stumble because of a friendship. Sia says I won’t. Nima says I trust you. She leaves.

Mania comes to the modeling agency. Varun is following her. He tells his friends to wait for her. I will not spare her today. Suresh sees Varun there and says you here? Varun gets tensed. Suresh asks what are you doing here? Varun says surprise, you keep asking me to learn your work so I was following you. Suresh says then how come you were here first? Varun says I asked Ayi about your address. I was feeling bad for you so I will help you with your work. Suresh says fine, I am happy to see you here. Let’s go inside. Varun hints at his friends who are hiding from Suresh.

Nima is working at Suman’s house. Suman says I am worried about Babita’s engagement, Paras hasn’t even come back. Nima gets a call from Mania. She says my new friend Naina called me for an audition, she is a good person so can I do the audition? You asked me to not hide anything so I am telling you, I won’t do it if you ask me to. Nima says if it’s a respectable job then do it, I fully trust you. Mania smiles and says thank you. Nima wishes her luck and ends her call. Naina tells Mania that I am going for my audition, tell me how it goes for you later on.

Sia is working at her job. Shiv is roaming around her to get her attention. He tells her to not focus too much on work. Sia says this is all new for me so I am learning. Shiv says don’t worry, I will teach you. He comes near her computer. Sia gets tensed so he moves away. He says sorry to bother you, he leaves from there. Sia looks on.

Varun is sitting with Suresh. Varun says we have been here for 50 minutes, how much time is left before they give us the cheque? Suresh asks the receptionist, she asks him to wait. Mania comes there with the audition crew. Suresh is surprised at her, Mania greets him and leaves. Suresh goes behind her. Varun’s friends are waiting for Mania. Varun calls them and says to do as per the plan. I am coming in a bit.

Mania comes out of the agency. Suresh comes behind her and asks how are you? Mania says I am fine, what is it? Suresh says I know you like acting but this is not good work, there are many bad people so girls should be away from this line. Mania says I only need Ayi’s permission, she has raised us while you were never there, I will take care of myself. She leaves. Suresh looks on.

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