Shakti 30th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Shakti 30th September 2021  Episode starts with Angel telling her kinnar that the baby cries a lot and her ears are paining hearing her crying. The kinnar says we have bought money, jewellery etc, why did you bring her here. Angel says what will happen with this money, I want peace and I will get it when I see Soumya and Preeto yearning for her.

She says this baby will make me get returns and she will become my future retirement plan. I will do with her what I couldn’t do with Soumya and Heer, I will take her to Bangkok, she will be more beautiful than Soumya and Heer.

She says the car will come in sometime and it will make us cross the check post. The kinnar says how we will cross the PS. Angel says if I am mad and says Soumya’s family member will take us out from there. Chintu comes there in the car. Angel asks the kinnar to take the baby and come with her. They come out. Chintu gets down from the car. Angel gives him luggage. He keeps it in the decky.

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He gives Harak Singh and Preeto’s clothes to them, and asks them to wear it. He says I have seen your acting at home. Angel says if I was not a kinnar then I would have gone award for make up. She asks kinnar to give baby to him and asks him to be careful. Chintu takes the baby and asks them to come back soon. Angel says just 2 mins. They leave wearing Harak Singh and Preeto’s clothes.

Chintu drives the car and asks them not to show fear on their face, and tells that the baby should not cry. The Inspector stops the car. Chintu says you are Harak Singh’s grand son. Chintu says yes, he is Chintu. They are searching the baby and Nana and Nani are very worried for the baby. Inspector looks at the back seat, but couldn’t see their faces. He says even we are trying to find the baby. Chintu says we will tell if we find her. Inspector asks Constable and opens the barricade and let them go. Chintu drives off. Angel appreciates his acting. Harman and Soumya come in the car and reach the check post. Virat, Preeto and Harak Singh also reach there.

Harak Singh gets down and asks him if Angel went from here. Inspector says you was in Chintu’s car, he told me, but I couldn’t see the faces. Harak Singh says Chintu has fooled you. He asks him to remove the barricade. They all go behind Chintu’s car. Angel takes baby from Kinnar. Chintu stops the car seeing Harman and Soumya’s car infront of his car.

Angel comes out running holding baby and gun in her hand. Other kinnars run in different direction. Angel comes to Harak Singh and aims gun at all of them. Preeto asks her to stop right there. Harak Singh says you are doing a big mistake. Preeto asks her to shoot. Angel says nobody shall come infront of me. Inspector asks Angel to give the baby.

Angel threatens to shoot them. Harman goes to Chintu and slaps him, asks what does he want from them? Soumya silently goes and comes behind Angel. Angel threatens to shoot the baby. Preeto says you want to use this baby and want to make her your support to live. She says you will not shoot her, and asks her to shoot. Angel threatens again. Soumya comes closer to Angel and makes her gun fall down. She holds Angel while Preeto snatches baby from her hand. Soumya slaps her hard to stop her.

Angel swirls and falls down from the cliff. Soumya runs to hold her hand and manages to hold her hand. Angel says I don’t want to die, please save me. Soumya asks her not to leave her hand. Preeto asks Soumya to leave her hand and let her die. Angel asks Soumya to save her. Soumya says don’t lose your strength, I am pulling you up. Harman and Virat help Angel climb up. Angel comes up. Angel asks why did you save my life? I am your enemy. She recalls hiring Jeet to kill her and troubling them a lot. Soumya says I have no enmity with you, but with your thought, the work which you do, I have enmity with that. you don’t think about others and uses them for your selfishness.

She says you got greedy and played with many lives, you have not left this small baby too. She says until when you will do this and until when you will bear the burden of your sin. You will leave with the people’s curses, kinnars’ work is to bless people, but you changed the meaning of kinnars. Angel says I have ruined your life, but then also you saved my life. She says I am really very bad and apologizes to her. Chintu thinks Angel has turned my game fully. Soumya holds Angel’s hand as she cries.

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