Choti Sardarni 1st-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Choti Sardarni 1st October 2021 Rajveer asks Ramila where is dida? Ramila says is it a yes or no? They hear fire alarm, everyone is shocked. Nikhil says there smoke there. Ramila screams Harsh.. harsh has set her room on fire. Everyone knocks and asks her to open. Rajveer says dida please open. She sits on her chair. Seher calls fire bridga. Rajveer says dida fire is coming towards you please open.. seher says let’s break it.

Rajveer and Seher break the door to go in. She is surrounded by fire. Sehrr says fida please come out. They jump in but she’s fainted.

Scene 2
The doctor checks Harsh. Rajveer says will she be okay? Seher says why is she conscious? The doctor says she will be fine. Harsh gets up and says let me go. Rajveer says did you think once about me before doing all this? Seher says everyone was so worried. Why did you do this? She says I heard your no. I don’t wanna live. Rajveer says don’t say that. She says you broke your promise and my hope. Give me poison. Rajveer says I won’t let you do that. She says it’s your life who am I to decide..

but my sonu calls me. I want to go to him. Let me die. Rajveer says don’t say that please. She faints. Rajveer says never say all this again. Harsh says sonu is calling me. seher says I know your pain dida. No one can love like a mom. Taking a child away from mother is so painful. Promise me you won’t do what you did again? You will live your life happily. Because the child who will call you mana will come to this world. Everyone is shocked. Seher says God will give you reward of your pain in the name of Sonu. Harsh cries and says say it again? Sehrr says yes. I will give you this child. Harsh hugs her and says you’ve made me so happy. Thank you. Let’s celebrate. I am so happy. Rajveer says you need rest.

Harsh says to Ramila did you hear what Seher said? Sonu my child will come. Ramila says you burned yourself to make them say yes? Harsh says I’m so happy. My sonu will come soon. I want to celebrate. Ramila says do you want your sonu only or something else is your mission?

Rajveer says this is happening because of me. I wish I never met you. You won’t have to suffer because of me. I’m sorry. seher says if you weren’t there I won’t have been alive. Sehr says you’ve been with me on every step. We were meant to meet and it was our destiny. He says what happened today wasn’t written. Like dida burning herself wasn’t written. Seher says a mother can ro anything for her child.

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She’s so helpless. She has cries so much for sonu. I had to choose between me and dida and I chose her. Rajveer says can you decision change our emotions? Will we be in love? It’s impossible. Child? How? How will we? What will we do? Sehr prays. She repeats Meher’s words when you feel hopeless, never stop. Keep moving and remember that baba ji is with you. He will do a miracle.

Seher says I will move ahead with all my heart. We will see what happens next. Rajveer holds her hand.

Choti Sardarni 2nd October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap

Harshdeep says let’s start the ritual. Rajveer helps Seher with everything. They work on making sugar together. The song tu jahan plays.

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