Choti Sardarni 30th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Choti Sardarni 30th September 2021 A transgender stops Rajveer and Seher and says God make your couple have more love. Rajveer says we are friends. She says you will love each other too. You’re made for each other. Always stay happy.

Rajveer and Seher come home. She has planned a decoration. Everyone gives her congratulations. Ramila asks what happened? She says this houses heir is coming. My sonu is coming. Ramila says did Seher agree? Dida says yes. Ramila says how could she agree?

Rajveer and Seher are shocked to see everything. They all congratulate them. Rajveer says for what? Nikhil says to make me an uncle. Didi ji told everyone your baby is coming soon. Seher and Rajveer are shocked. Rajveer throws away the garlands and says what drama is this. Stop all this. Bobby says don’t be angry.

Have sweets. Rajveer throws them. Seher says Rajveer please. Rajveer says what is all this dida? Seher said she will think. This is ridiculous. Harsh says yes i know she wants time. I’m giving her time. Rajveer says what is all this? She says celebration for first right step. First step is thinking. Rajveer says please. You can’t make it public if she’s thinking. And now you know i was saying no Seher. Ramila says what is happening here.

Harsh says it’s our ritual to celebrate everything. Seher there are many more celebrations. We will distribute these sweets in all poor people for their kids well being. And the mother makes sugar for the sweets while fasting. This will give you strength a mother needs. Will you do it? Seher is confused. Rajveer says she needs time and needs to rest. Let’s go Seher. Harsh says Seher I have called people from my party for this ritual. Don’t say no please. Seher says I told you i need time to think. Harsh says I do things for your family and you do for mine. That’s how relationships are made. Rajveer takes Seher from there.

Rajveer says I told you to say no. You woke up here hopes. And now.. Seher says could you say no to her? I couldn’t either. My brain froze. I’m so confused. Didas pain and dream on one side. She’s done so much for me. Should we do this for her? rajveer says what way? Love? The way you wanna go on needs love and emotions. I can’t see them in your eyes. When I look into your eyes I only see care and fear. Thats all I see. Since your heart broke you’ve stopped believing in love. You can’t even step on that way. I can prove it. Hug me. Seher stands there. Rajveer says for one second think we are more than friends and hug me.

Sehr says you’re confusing me. I don’t know what to do. We got married to save our families. And we decided to get divorced. When everything was fine this child thing popped up. I love kids. I never thought I’d have a kid so early and with my best friend. Rajveer says why are you even thinking that? Seher says I can’t forget all that dida has done for us. She saved me and my brothers. Mama asked me to always be there for my brothers. Dida protected them. How can I say no to her? Rajveer says what will you do? Seher says I don’t know. She cries. Rajveer says please don’t cry. I understand your pain and confusion. But agreeing for this ritual means agreeing for the kid and you know what that means. Harsh overhears everything.

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Karan comes outside the café and see Anurita and Param’s back. He says I was right. Anurita is dating someone. Param says I noticed when you get a call you use tissue to make notes. She says yes. Param says I got you one small present. He gives her a diary. He says there is a schedule in it. Dinner with Param at 8. Long drive and 1 am. Anurita sees Karan coming in. She’s scared. Karan comes in. He says where did she go? And who was the guy?

Param and Anurita are in parking. He says why did you hurry? She says I had a meeting. Param says it’s okay. They hug. Karan sees them. He’s shocked.

Rajveer says Seher listen to your heart and do what your heart says. We will tell dida your answer. Seher tries to think. Harshdeep waits outside. Seher says I’m sorry Rajveer. I can’t do this ritual, I can’t give dida this child. My answer is no. Harsh holds her heart. Rajveer says good. We will tell dida everything and say no.

Choti Sardarni 1st October 2021 Written Episode

Update Precap :Harshdeep locks herself in the room and sets it on fire. Seher and Rajveer scream outside and ask her to open the door. Harshdeep faints.

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