Balika Vadhu 2 30th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Balika Vadhu 2 30th September 2021 Episode starts with Prem ji telling Sejal that he will take Anandi to room and make her sleep. Sejal stops him from stepping on the gum floor. Jigar recalls gum falling down on the floor and tells Sejal that mistake was mine and not of Anandi. Sejal says you might have not done it intentionally. She says it is good that you have realized your mistake.

Jigar says Anandi made my project, she is not stupid, but intelligent. Dhingri comes to Khim ji’s house and insists to talk to Anandi. Khim ji says he had talked to Prem ji and he had said that Anandi is sleeping till now. He says Ratan will scold her. Dhingri asks if Prem ji Kaka haven’t told when is she returning. Ratan says very soon. Anandi is sleeping in the room, when Maadi Baa brings a bucket of water and pours on Anandi’s face. Anandi gets up shockingly. Maadi Baa asks until when she will sleep.

Anandi says I didn’t sleep all night. Maadi Baa asks her to get ready and says bahus shall not sleep for more time. She asks her to get ready, as govt officers are coming home to see bapu ji’s stick. Anandi comes out and asks Sejal if Jigar went with his project. Sejal says he got very happy and told that you made nice project than him. Anandi sees thakur ji’s clothes and asks can I touch? Maadi Baa stops her and asks her to clean the house. Anandi says she can’t clean the house roof etc, as she is small.

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Maadi Baa scolds her. Anandi comes to Prem ji and asks him to bring books for her, so that she can study. Prem ji says you didn’t like to go to school before. Anandi says she has now understood the meaning of education, and tells that she likes to study. Prem ji says ok.

Anandi’s school teacher comes to their house and tells that they have done good thing by leaving Anandi at Prem ji’s house as she knows that her marriage is fixed. She says Anandi’s childhood will be effected and asks them to call her back, else she will lose her studies. Khim ji says we will call her back soon. Ratan also says the same. Anandi sits on the cradle and swings. Maadi Baa calls her and asks if the house is cleaned fully. Anandi cleans the things kept on the dressing table and keeps it back.

She then keeps table to climb up to clean the almari. She finds Bapu ji’s stick. Maadi Baa calls her and asks her to get the stick. Anandi manages to get it and thinks I will tell Jigar that I held it on Maadi Baa’s sayings. Maadi Baa and Babu ji tell the govt officers about Bapu ji’s stick. Maadi Baa asks her to bring it fast. Anandi is about to slip from the stairs and the stick falls down on the floor, and breaks. Anandi comes down. Maadi Baa says you knew it was precious, can’t you walk properly.

Anandi says she had slipped and is about to fall. Diwari scolds her. The officers tell that the girl is right. Maadi Baa asks them not to interfere in their family matters. She asks them to leave. They leave. Babu ji says Anandi, it was our precious things. Anandi says it was precious for me too. Maadi says you would have fall down, but why did you make the stick fall down. Anandi goes to her room and tries to pack the bag. Sejal asks her to stay there for few days and says what Ratan and Khim ji will think that their daughter came back sad, and I couldn’t keep you happy. She calls Ratan. Ratan asks if they are enjoying together. Sejal asks her to talk to Anandi herself.

Anandi wipes her tears and greets her. Ratan asks if you was crying. Anandi says no, Kaki told a joke, I got tears in my eyes due to excessive laughing. Ratan says you scared me. They end the call. Jigar comes back home and calls Anandi. Sejal asks what happened? Anandi thinks what did I do? Jigar is shouting my name, if I get scolded again. She comes out. Jigar asks her to come near him and asks her to tell what is it? Anandi says there is a star and something written in English. Jigar says excellent work, that means project is good. Anandi smiles. Jigar shows the trophy to Anandi and others.

He thanks her for her help and gives her chocolate. He plays with Anandi and Kanku happily. Maadi Baa and Diwari look upset. Sejal laughs. Anandi says if Maa and babu see this project then would be happy. Jigar asks Kanku to click the photos, as he holds trophy with Anandi. Kanku clicks the pics. Jigar looks at the photo and says Kanku didi’s phone is old. He asks her to click pic in his phone and sends the pic to Khim ji. Maadi Baa calls Anandi and appreciates her for helping Jigar. She takes trophy from her hand. Anandi smiles.

Voiceover: Child marriage takes away from the girl the basic right to play and get an education, imposes on her the burden of such traditions and responsibilities, which is not possible for the child psyche to understand.

Precap :Anandi asks two men about their phone. They tell that they have bought it from city and asks her to give her necklace and take the mobile. Anandi gives her mangalsutra and gets mobile from them.

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