Molkki 30th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Molkki 30th September 2021 Juhi asks Purvi if Virender will not come out of jail ever. Purvi asks them if they truth their haathi. They nod. She tells them not to worry. Haathi will bring Babbar Sher home soon. The jungle will be complete soon and we will live together then. Juhi asks her if they will have fun too. Purvi nods. She puts them to sleep.

Purvi wakes up in the middle of the night. She wonders where Sudha is and calls out to her. She goes outside to look for her. Sudha is sitting outside sadly. Purvi asks her what she is thinking. Sudha says I am thinking about what happened today and what needs to be done in future. Purvi encourages her not to give up.

We have to get Virender outside. I have met a famous lawyer who said that he will fight Mukhi ji’s case and will get him out of jail. We don’t have that much money. I have to arrange it from anywhere. I will arrange for 5 lacs by doing whatever I must. We have to not let Mukhi ji fall weak. Who will help us now? Sakshi says I will. They look up in shock.

Sakshi walks up to Purvi. We will save Mukhi ji together. I will arrange 5 lacs. Purvi asks her how she is here. Purvi says I came for you. You were trying to save him on your own earlier. We will do it together now. Purvi says you left though. Sakshi says nothing was left here for me. Mukhi ji considered you his wife and my kids were calling you their mother happily. I left them for their sake and I came back for them only.

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I was keeping an eye on my family though. I decided to come back after hearing about Mukhi ji’s sentence. I will support you fully in this fight. Purvi asks her how she can trust her. you cheated me big time. You joined hands with Ma and Anjali Bhabhi. What if you do that again? Sakshi says I understand. Truth is that I just made a deal with them. I wanted them to get me back in Mukhi ji and my kids’ life and I will keep the truth about them abducting me a secret. I wanted Mukhi ji and kids back in my life at any cost.

I did whatever Ma said. I hid their truth or they would have made everyone’s life hell. Ma is a big monster. Think what all she can do when she can keep her DIL captive for 5 years. I kept mum even after knowing how much she hates Mukhi ji. She would have never let him or my kids be happy. She only cares about the property. I only trust you. I know it is just you who can keep my family happy. Are we together in this fight?

She extends her hand. Purvi looks at Sudha and then keeps her hand in Sakshi’s. Sakshi says I knew that you will always support truth. Tell me what needs to be done. Purvi tells her about the lawyer. I don’t have 5 lacs to pay his fees. Can you help me? I have no alternative. Ma and Bhabhi threw me out of the house. Sakshi says I will arrange money but something else needs to be done first. Purvi asks her about it but Sakshi offers to tell her tomorrow. I must leave now. She goes.

Sudha asks Purvi if she is in her senses. You know she cannot be trusted again. Purvi tells her to calm down. How will w pay the fees? Only she can help us right now. I do not trust her. I know that she cannot let anything happen to Mukhi ji and her kids. We can trust her this much. We have no other option. Sudha nods. Think through before doing anything.

Prakashi and Anjali are having leisure time and are enjoying themselves. Prakashi says we will live like queens only. Sakshi removes cucumber from Anjali’s eyes. Anjali is startled to see Sakshi and tells Prakashi. Prakashi is equally shocked to see Sakshi. she dismisses the maid and asks Sakshi what she is doing here. Sakshi says I forgot something. I came back to take it. Prakashi asks her what she is referring to.

Sakshi says this property, money and haveli is mine. Prakashi reminds her that she put everything in their name. You smartly ended up putting everything in their kids’ name. It isn’t yours though. Prakashi reasons that they are her kids. You are a stranger who ended up snatching everything from me. Prakashi says I dint do anything. That Molkki is at fault! Sakshi disagrees. She has returned everything to me so I brought her today. It is time to take everything from you that belongs to me. She calls out to Purvi who walks in just then.

Priyu looks on from upstairs. Prakashi asks Sakshi what they will do together. This property and haveli does not belong to either of you. It belongs to the kids and they are our responsibility. Sakshi says it isn’t required now as the actual owner is back now. Purvi seconds her. She named everything after her kids under your influence. Sakshi adds that I understood your plan at that time itself. I agree it was a good move but you forgot that I am the real mother and actual owner of this property. I can take it back anytime I want just the way I gave it to them. The tables have turned. I had made a new will at that time too. I am the actual owner of everything as per the latest will. You two have literally nothing.

Priyu decides to inform Veer. She is worried because of Sakshi changing her will. She calls Veer and tells him not to come home. Your Ma is here with Purvi. He is thrilled at the news but she tells him about the new will. He asks her if she is sure. She nods. How will we live? Purvi wont let us live here if she comes here. Veer tells her to pack her stuff and meet him at the market. She agrees. She packs the jewelry in a bag hurledly.

Anjali asks Sakshi if she will stay with them in the haveli now. Sakshi nods. Purvi will stay with us too. You will be thrown out of the haveli just the way you had thrown her out of here the other day! Anjali and Prakashi are taken aback. Sakshi tells Purvi to go ahead. Anjali tells Purvi against it but she holds Anjali by her hand and pushes her out of the main door. Anjali removes her face mask and glares at Purvi.

Purvi goes to Prakashi. I have been only considered a Molkki till date. I still remember the first day I had come here. You had called me Beti that day. I had considered you Ma that day itself. You might not have been able to accept that relation but I still do. I cannot throw you out because of that. It is not my upbringing. She folds her hands and asks Prakashi to leave on her own. Prakashi heads for the door. She starts breathing heavily suddenly and touches her chest suddenly. She screams in pain and passes out. Purvi shouts for water. Anjali blames her for Prakashi’s condition. Purvi runs to bring water for her.

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