Bade Acche Lagte Hain 1st-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 1st October 2021 Episode starts with Shivi and Shubham arguing. Nandini doesn’t see the video. She asks them to go in the same car. She asks what’s this. They see Ram feeling unwell. They rush to Ram. Nandini drops the phone. Mama picks the phone. Nandini asks what happened, someone get the water, doctor…. Ram says I m okay, I m not able to breathe. Doctor checks Ram. Ram says I think its acidity. Doctor says its not acidity, get him in. They take Ram. Meera and family come to the community hall. They like the hall. They see Bunty weds Bubbly there.

Sara jokes on Priya. Maitri comes with Neeraj. He says another wedding is going on inside. Priya says they said we will get the hall. Sandy asks Neeraj is he lying. Akki says I will go and check. Meera asks how will we do if we don’t get the hall. Neeraj taunts them. Priya asks him to go and sit in his AC car. The man welcomes them. He says its a community marriage hall, the first party came late, you have to wait, I can’t make them out. Sandy says they didn’t start the food, it will take much time. Manager says I can’t force feed them, I can give you a waiting room, stay there. Priya says we don’t want a waiting room, go and do something, what will we tell Ram and his family.

Doctor checks Ram. Ram asks what will we tell Priya and her family. Doctor says you have high bp, you have to take bp medicines. Ram says its acidity. Doctor says you have high bp, stop having cakes and sweets. Nandini asks Adi to take care of Ram’s diet. Vikrant says we will see it. Nandini asks Ram not to eat in the marriage. Ram asks what will I have. Doctor says have ghee upma, don’t know its there in marriage menu or not. Ram says I will have t, I know, I will get it there, am I fine, can I go and marry. Doctor says yes. Nandini says we got late, we should leave.

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 30th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Sara asks shall we take Ram’s help. Priya says this marriage responsibility is ours, we can’t call Ram for help. Shashi scolds Mahender. Vedika says forget all this, no one got to know anything. Shashi shouts on her. He says go and make a drink for me, I m talking. She goes. Mahender says I don’t know anything, Sid came to my house, he and his friends got drunk, I don’t know what happened, why will I spoil your terms with Ram.

Rakhi says I will help Vedika and come. She hears Vedika’s talk with her friend. She says we can’t come. The girl says Ram got unwell, blood pressure, maybe he is in tension, he had upset you and Shashi. Vedika says no, we are fine, I spoke to Ram. The girl says he is fine now. Vedika says listen, Ram is allergic to prawns, make sure he doesn’t eat prawns. Rakhi hears this and smirks. She goes.

Ram leaves in the car. He chats with Brinda and friends. He gets Priya’s message. Sara says we should take Ram’s help. Priya says no need, he would be busy, Akki and Mama ji have gone, they should come late. Ram sees the video and smiles. He says Priya is upset because her dad isn’t coming, shall I go and pick her dad from his house, if Priya feels upset then. The driver says we lost the way. Akki says they are still having food, I should call Ram. Priya gets Ram’s call. Meera says tell him, he would be coming.

Ram says sorry, I didn’t see your missed call, I have to ask something, will you get angry. She says no, why does everyone think so. He says I want to know the direction, we are lost. She asks where are you. He tells the sweet shop name. Akki says it means he will come in half an hour. Ram asks what shall I do. Sandy says tell some far route. Meera says tell the right route. Priya tells him the route. He says your voice looks stressed, are you fine. She says yes. The manager says the hall will take 45 mins to get vacant.

Ram hears this. Priya says talk slowly, thank God call got disconnected. Akki says we have to do something, Sandy. Raj asks how will I give this to Ram. Rakhi asks him to go. He asks is it prawns, it smells good. He asks what shall I do, why to give this. She says don’t spoil this, give this tiffin to Ram, he will eat this and fall sick, he is allergic to prawns, he will each the hospital.

Ram talks to his friends and family. He says Priya doesn’t know the route, I got the route, take the highway. Adi says there is traffic jam. Shubham says it shows 30 mins on this route. Ram says the car will get stuck in that narrow route, take my route and come. Nandini says okay. Ram says I got the way, but destination is far, no one will come in an hour. Priya asks Twinkle to call Vikrant and ask where is he. Maitri says call him and ask about alimony. Brinda says Ram is telling us the route.

Kunal says Priya will tell him everything from now. Vikrant gets Twinkle’s call. Twinkle asks for the cheque. She says you all didn’t come. He says we don’t know where we are, we are coming, what happened, are you missing me. She says I m waiting, I can’t hear you. He says we will come in one hour and four mins. They hear 4 mins and worry. Priya says Nandini will come, we have to get embarrassed. Mahender says Shashi got much angry this time. Ram comes home and greets. He says its your daughter’s marriage. Rakhi says they didn’t invite us. Ram says a dad doesn’t need an invitation, you are lucky to do her kanyadaan, its your daughter’s right, please think and come.

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 2nd October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap

Ram meets Priya. She asks did everyone come. Nandini sees Priya and Neeraj’s video and says this marriage can’t happen, this video will play in front of everyone. Raj asks the man to serve prawns to Raj. Raj eats the food.

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