Vighnaharta Ganesh 1st-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Vighnaharta Ganesh 1st October 2021 episode starts with Meera while sleeping gets up watching her Prabhu saying now she has began liking Vrindavan also then why he isn’t coming to meet her while her maid also gets up hearing & asking her does she need something but Meera is expressing her eagerness emotionally for meeting Prabhu who is deliberately not coming to meet her hence she also becomes stubborn saying she won’t show her face nor see his face henceforth but the maid leaves from there.

Her maid calls Meerabai & she goes to see who is it but finds her maid dressed up nicely so she asks her what all this is because felt her Prabhu called her but maid takes her last birth’s name saying that Madhavi didn’t you recognize me as i am the same girl whom you had met me in last birth & Meerabai remembers she was sitting in front of Prabhu under the tree hence she is surprised asking was it she who had brought marriage costume for her & yes says the maid so Meerabai asks where Prabhu is then & she takes her along to meet him.

Meerabai’s supporter devotees are searching her where she must have gone while she is moving towards her Prabhu to meet him with her maid. Meera reaches to the Bhawan feeling surprised asking maid what is this & she tells her this the place where Prabhu is & she takes her inside where Radha welcomes hugging her. Meera is shocked & stunned watching her Prabhu in front of her saying is she dreaming but Prabhu says she is actually watching him & she prays her weeping in emotions.

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Prabhu comes near her while she asks him why he is delaying to take her away but he tells her the time hasn’t yet arrived for this because she has to do lot of work for him in this world building knowledge of devotion through her prayers but one day will come when somebody may try to harm her & he’ll come that time to take her.

Meera feels happy hearing this & promises him that she’ll do only two things till the time comes that is devotion towards him & serving saints by spreading devotion & peace in this world. Meera tells her maid to let’s leave now but another Gopika maid says she’ll be joining her for this work of devotion & serving of Brahman’s which is a blessings for her to do this under guidance of a great devotee like her. Meera watches Prabhu who signals her & Meera leaves taking her along.

Ganeshi says Meerabai was a very great devotee who was ready to accept sour as well as sweetness in balanced manner.

All the people wonder in the ashram while Meera returns with the maid whom she introduces her & tells them the other maid has reached to Prabhu’s place who is blessed with him now.

Shehanshah is having meeting in his palace where a singer devotee is lost in singing prayers of Meera whom he had heard from outside the ashram & Shehanshah asks him in whose prayers he has lost & he tells him about Meerabai expressing lot of praise about her so he also decides to attend her prayers.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 2nd October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap

Meera sits for singing prayers whom lot of villagers have gathered to hear her along with Shenhanshah in disguise. Shenhanshah’s minister who is attracted to Meerabai also begins singing joining her & she is surprised but sings along with him.

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