Bade Acche Lagte Hain 30th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 30th September 2021 Episode starts with Meera and Sara applying mehendi to Priya. They hug Priya. Mami asks did I send you any message. Nandini says you had sent it to all of us. She asks what was there in the message. Nandini says alcohol is injurious to health, you got drunk.

Mami says I didn’t know how I drank so much. Nandini says I m warning you, don’t drink in the marriage function. She asks Mama to keep an eye on her. Mama says she is right. Mami goes. Shubham says I was also going to give you work. Mama says tell me. Shubham says keep an eye on Sid, inform me if he comes. Mama says Sid can’t come. Shubham says he can come, he came in sangeet also, Ram shouldn’t see him. Ram comes and asks what’s the matter.

Everyone in Priya’s house are happy. Priya comes. Akki smiles and thanks her. He says you are the best. She says I said yes for this reason. He says your makeup is good, don’t get senti, it will spoil. She says you are getting senti. He jokes. She asks Meera to see, Akki is crying. Meera cries. Priya asks them to stop crying. Meera hugs Priya. Mama ji says Priya took care of all of us, someone will take care of her now.

Bade Acche Lagte Hain2 29th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Priya thinks what do I want when you all are happy. Shubham says actually. Ram says what, tell me. He asks Nandini to ask them, what happened. Nandini says he has planned a surprise for you, he can’t tell it. Ram hugs him. Shivi comes. She says I will make Ram sherwani ready. Ram thinks I got a loving family, I will marry for their sake, they are my family. Akki’s mum says Mahender should have come in the marriage, no one invited him. Mama asks her to get quiet. Meera says let it be, its our day.

Priya says she is right, Mahender should have come in my marriage. Priya sees the car. Akki says I have earned this money to arrange the car. He smiles. Nandini says thank God, you met Sid. Shubham says yes, I wanted to tell this. She says I will call Vedika and Shashi. He says no. Mama says Sid shouldn’t come back, Ram will get the police.

Priya is on the way. She says we will know the car owner by the number plate. Sara says its your marriage today, please. Shubham says I will handle this. Nandini asks Mama to control his wife. He says I know how to control her. Shubham says I have to think of some surprise for Ram. Servant comes and says band artists have come. Nandini asks why, maybe Ram’s friends organized it, go and tell Ram that the band is from your side.

Ram gets ready. Brinda compliments him. He says I feel scared thinking of Priya’s reactions. She says stop this wife bashing, don’t become Adi. He says Adi is really scared of you, Priya will become my wife, wow. She says I know you didn’t want to marry this way, don’t think of Vedika. He says no. She asks whom are you thinking of. He says Priya’s dad, I feel she wants her dad to attend her marriage, you can’t hate your parents. She says correct, what to do. He asks shall I invite him.

She says we shouldn’t do anything that hurts Priya, Priya should know that you will always be with her, she is leaving her house, no one knows her, support her. He says yes, I will handle everything, tie me the pagdi. The servant ties the pagdi. He hears the band. She takes his pic. Meera says I know you didn’t see ideal marriages, but marriage is a pure relation, call Nandini as mummy, didn’t you see Ram calling me Maa. Sara says Ram has many qualities. Ram dances with his friends. Wah wah Ram ji….plays….

Adi says I have organized this band, Shubham is saying he did this. Brinda says its fine. Vikrant says Ram’s brother is clever, they don’t regard Ram a brother. Priya sees the police. Police says its Vijaydashami, they took permission for the procession, you have to go the other way. Sara says it will take two hours. Priya says I will talk to them once and come. The kids see her and call her Sita. Priya says my name is Priya, its my marriage, let us go from here. He says we have to go and do the puja.

Priya says please help us. The man says no one can stop Sita from meeting Ram. Meera and Sara laugh. Ram dances with Shivi and Shubham. He hugs Shivi. Ram says thanks Adi for all this. He hugs Adi. The man says you know who is she. Pandit says she is Priya. The man says she is going to marry Ram, then she is like Sita, Hanuman will make a way for Ram and Sita. He asks everyone to help and make a way for Sita. Sandy says Priya was upset that dad didn’t come, but she has Ram’s support and Hanuman as well. Priya goes to the car. Ram hugs his friends.

Ram says I have a plan, Nandini and Shiva go together in the car, Shubham, Mama and Mami can go together. Brinda says I told the address to the drivers, we will coordinate from the mid point and meet. She takes Mama’s phone. Everyone talks about the address. Brinda asks Adi to explain. Adi asks them to follow the map. Ram asks Nandini not to take tension. Mami says I know the password. Nandini says come with us now. She sees Priya’s pic.

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 1st October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Vedika says Ram is allergic to prawns. Rakhi hears this. Priya asks Ram not to eat the noodles. Rakhi sends the prawns noodles for Ram. Ram eats it and feels unwell.

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