Bade Acche Lagte Hain2 29th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 29th September 2021  Episode starts with Shivi asking Ram to get cupcakes for her, its her last wish before marriage. Ram asks how shall I get it at this time, its 12. She says you can do it, if you can make Priya smile. Ram says fine. She thanks him and goes. Adi asks Ram to rest. Ram says I will get the cupcakes. Ram calls Sara and says I want cupcakes. She asks at this time. He says yes, its late, but I want, try.

She says you can’t get it, bakery is closed. He says you take premium charges for midnight, I will come and take it, tell someone to open the bakery. Sara thinks this is a good way to stop Priya. She says okay, reach the bakery. Ram says thanks, Adi I have to go. Sara says we should file a police complaint, say yes. Meera says yes. Priya asks shall I go. Sara says no, Akki and I will go, you have to go to bakery, we got a premium order, go and prepare for it, I will go with Akki. Meera asks Priya to go. Priya says fine, I want a complaint copy. She goes. Sara says we shouldn’t let her fall in any drama.

Mama ji sees Mami sleeping. He asks her to get up. He finds her drunk. He says if Nandini knows then… He checks the phone. Nandini comes and says I m tensed, Ram is going to that family, they can become more imp than us. Shubham comes and says we are the most imp for Ram. Mama says yes, family comes first. Nandini says Priya will become a part of this family, we are doing a big mistake by getting this marriage, I thought she is middle class and aged, she will be thankful to us, but she can go ahead of us, we have to control her. Mama says fine. She says I want something that Ram always stays ours. She puts the phone and goes. Priya’s video plays.

Sara talks to Priya on call. She says I have filed the complaint, I liked Ram taking mum’s side in sangeet, why did he get the NGO kids, I think he likes you as a friend. Priya says I think he did this to put an impression of you all, who are we, we are Shivina’s sasural, she wants Shivina to get love in our house. Sara says you know you liked it a lot, but you won’t accept, you got much cheated, you think no one can do anything for you. Priya says I have to see accounts, Ram did a lot, we didn’t expect from him.

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 2 28th September 2021 Written Episode Update:

Sara says such is life, what’s destined happens, sometimes hero becomes a villain and someone else becomes a hero. Priya says oh please, I m the hero myself, he did this for Shivina. Sara says I hope Ram melts your heart. Priya says customer has come, bye. She sits to pick the papers. Ram comes there. He doesn’t see anyone. He recalls meeting Meera here. He says I got Shivi’s cupcakes from here. He recalls and thinks it means the one who scolded me on call was…. He sees Priya. Bade acche lagte hai….plays….

He asks do you talk like this with customers, you lectured me when I ordered cupcakes for Shivi’s engagement. She says oh it was you, you didn’t know the house address, everyone knows pincode, its basic. He says smart, one should know imp things, why did you take loan. She says its personal, thanks. He says thanks for these, can I eat it. She says you will have acidity if you eat sweets at this time. He says I got the pills, can I get water. She gives him. He asks is it filtered. She says no.

She says I didn’t know mum met you. He says I met her here, I didn’t know its yours bakery. She says yes, Sara handles it, everyone should do something, we learnt this from Meera. He says she is nice, she likes me, I think she will like me more than me, I eat sweets so I m sweet, you don’t like sweets, you talk bitter. She says we will go home. He says yes. She gives him the packets.

He says I will pay for this, I will drop you. She asks why, auto driver is there. He says ask him to go, I will drop you. She says you go, Shivina would be waiting. He says I could have dropped anyone in your place. She says I will go, I don’t like to take help. He says we will meet tomorrow. She asks why. He says marriage. She says oh. She thinks its my marriage tomorrow. He thinks I m getting married tomorrow. He says I will help you switch off lights. Shubham says Sid was saying…

Nandini says marriage is tomorrow, will Shivi change her mind. He says no, she got blind in Akki’s love, she is practicing to be middle class. Ram comes and says I got your cupcakes. Shivi says thanks, you made my wish come true. Shubham asks how many wishes do you have. Shivi says yes. She eats it. He asks what’s special in these cupcakes. Ram says its from her Sasural. Shivi says so its special. Ram asks did you know. She says yes, he used to take me there on dates, we didn’t need to pay, I liked the sangeet surprise. She feeds the cupcake to Shubham and says you are my best brother.

He says you are the best sister. Ram gets sad. Shivi goes. Nandini asks Ram to sit. She asks will Priya’s dad come tomorrow. He says don’t know. She says its good if they don’t come, what about Vedika and Shashi. Ram says they will come. Shubham says they won’t come, Sid told me. She says good, I don’t want any drama in the marriage. Ram says go and take some rest. She says I want everything to happen well, good night. She goes. Ram thinks Priya’s dad won’t come, I don’t want a new drama now. Mami wakes up and checks her phone for the video.

Priya packs her bag. She says everyone will judge me, I m a middle class girl, a simple teacher, heartbroken and cursed, bitter and negative, maybe Ram also thinks so, he dresses like a fashion model, I have no comparison with him. She sees the car board. Ram sees his dad’s pic. He says you would be worried for Shubham, I will settle him down, Priya is different than me, our family is our priority, why is antacid not working, I have to meet the doctor tomorrow, will everything get fine, dad. Priya says these things shouldn’t be here, Mahender’s chapter is closed now.

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