Vighnaharta Ganesh 29th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Vighnaharta Ganesh 29th September 2021 episode starts with Udabai asking Meera is she thinking of leaving Chittorgarh & she says if it’s Girdhar’s wish then she has to & Udabai says now she has begun knowing truth along with knowledge of true devotion by her so to not to leave but Meera requests her to not to stop her in her path instead encourage her hence Udabai asks where she’ll go & Meera says she’ll again return to the place where she began her journey of devotion from & where Udabai asks hence she says to her parent’s place so to please send message their to take her from here.

Ganeshji says to Pushpadant message was sent to Meera’s parent’s place from where her nephew Mukundas along with his wife came to pick her as per formalities but waited till Holi celebration to complete.

Udabai says to Mukundas now as he has arrived then to enjoy Holi festival here only & his wife says she’ll become Kanha to whom Radha will search him, taunting Meera & Meera says she’ll definitely search her Girdhar wherever he is but will leave immdiately after Holi.

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All get ready to begin Holi festival dressed up nicely & Kanha also arrives dressed up holding flute in hands who is Mukundas’s wife in its image. Meera also comes dressed up beautifully whom all of them praise about her beauty. Kanha says to search him now & Meera begins singing song of prayers while Kanha is hiding at various places but Meera sees her Prabhu while singing. Raja Vikramaditya watches all this becoming furious on Meera’s behavior of getting ready enjoying Holi inspite a widow. Meera is enjoying with her Prabhu applying colors on each other’s face while all of them are also enjoying in the same manner. Uadabi watches this feeling surprised about still Kanha hasn’t applied color then too her face has become so colorful.

Suddenly while Meera is enjoying Raja Vikramaditya shouts furiously to her says how can she enjoy this festival when her husband has died & it seems all of them have also become mad to allow her while Udabai feels scared about him. Meera says to Vikramaditya she is wife of her husband Girdhar whom she has married already but he won’t realize this so to make him free from this she’ll leave Chittorgarh today itself & she leaves from there while all of them also disburse. Vikramaditya becomes wild.

Ganeshji says Vikramaditya could not forget his insult so he planned to kill Meera again.

Raja Vikramaditya plans to kill Meerabai with sending snakes in gift box on account of her send-off while his wife tries to stop him but he doesn’t listen to her. The guard handovers the snake box to Udabai’s maid telling her this should be opened only by Meerabai & she keeps it in front of Prahu’s idol telling Meera it’s been sent by Raja himself but Meera tells her to open it & she feels scared while Mukundas’s wife orders the maid to open it & as she opens two snakes come out & clutch Meera while the maid & others feel scared.

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