Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 29th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 29th September 2021 Episode starts with Gautama saying Khanderao didn’t keep any wrong demand, Parikshit is a nice man, Khanderao would have thought well before offering him the post, you should have agreed and asked for the test later. He says you aren’t understanding, there is a big difference in taking someone in our service and Rajya service, I can’t take risk when its about the security.

She asks what about Khanderao’s love and hope, you will compromise there, right. Ahilya says I will talk to Khanderao once. She goes. Gautama says Ahilya will try to convince Khanderao, you have to keep a good relation with him, I m tired balancing your relation with him, if you don’t take the first step, then Ahilya can’t do anything, you got this chance to bring sweetness in your relation. Khanderao says Malhar didn’t change.

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 28th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Tukoji says keep yourself in his place and think. Khanderao says I wish he keeps himself in my place and sees, then he will know my pain, I m still irresponsible and useless for him.

Ahilya comes and says its nothing like that, when you sit on the throne, then you would know why he does all that. He asks really, is it a miraculous throne. She explains him. She says if he makes Parikshit the army chief, then it will be injustice with those who want to compete for this post, Malhar is very happy with your coming, so he is preparing for this Jashan, we are surprised seeing his excitement. Tukoji nods.

Ahilya says he wants to do the best for your welcome, you are thinking this. He says maybe he gets peace this way, but I know the truth, you both won’t understand this, I will also keep his happiness, just the way he kept mine, its my promise. He goes. Tukoji says he will get happy seeing the Jashan tomorrow, his annoyance will end. Parikshit sees the palace. Dwarka and Rakma see him and stop. She introduces herself. She says you can stay here and take care of Khanderao. He says why not, if I pass the test, then I will work here and stay with him. She invites him for dinner.

Malhar asks Tukoji about the cook and musicians. Tukoji says they will come. Ahilya and Gautama find Khanderao upset. Malhar asks anyone to give suggestions for the Jashan. Khanderao says no need to do anything, Tukoji is already following dad’s orders, I won’t be a part of this Jashan. Everyone gets sad. Malhar asks why are you refusing, everyone is excited for it. Khanderao says I don’t think so.

Gautama says its not a small thing, you have come back. Khanderao asks what will you answer if anyone asks what am I doing after coming back, I can’t decide anything or keep my promise to anyone, then why this pretence, the day my thinking doesn’t need someone’s permission, then I will celebrate to be Malwa’s heir, not today.

Malhar says you are still thinking of it. Khanderao argues with him. He says every child does a mistake, but I have no right to do a mistake, being Malhar’s son, I m bearing this punishment, you sent me to Gurukul to make me capable, why do you doubt my capability even now, it means our hardwork of seven years went in vain, why to celebrate then. Malhar leaves the food. Ahilya asks him to have the food. Khanderao says don’t make any preparations for Jashan, its not needed, don’t expect me to come. He asks everyone to have food now. Malhar goes.

Gautama cries. Ahilya says we won’t get anything if we stay sad, I will serve them food, don’t worry. Gautama says nothing changed in all these years, what will happen if this matter comes out, everything may end if one mistake happens. They worry.

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