Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 28th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Episode Start with Ahilya saying thanks to Parikshit. She says I will consistently be prepared to help you, Khanderao went to Gurukul, I was separated from everyone else here yet between the family, I used to figure who might be there with him, you upheld him and helped out on me. Parikshit grins. Khanderao says I told you, presently you know her. Parikshit says she is reasonable, proficient and valuable, more than you portrayed her. She requests that he come in. Gautama says it will not be acceptable in the event that you and Khanderao stay upset even following 7 years. They go to see Khanderao. Gautama asks the servants where is he.

The servant grins. Gautama asks what occurred, tell me, where is he. House keeper says he is… . She grins. Gautama asks what’s going on, tell me, you are simply grinning, where is he. Harku comes and says I will tell you. She gives them aarti. Malhar asks where is he. Harku grins and tells Gautama. Malhar asks what. Gautama likewise grins. He asks what’s wrong, tell me. Gautama says indeed, accompany me. Gautama tells him. He giggles. He says see your child, he didn’t change. Gautama says what’s terrible, he dares to hold his better half’s hand and run in the royal residence, not even you can do that. They giggle. Malhar says I can likewise do this, yet I left couple of things for my child. She says Ahilya had made Khanderao run a ton in adolescence.

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 27th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update :

He jokes on her. Watchman comes and says Khanderao needs to converse with you. Gautama says don’t let him know anything now. He says you are failing to remember that I was likewise youthful and did such underhandedness. She asks what will Harku think on the off chance that she sees us. He says she will realize that you have a flawless heart. He goes. Harku figures I didn’t see him so glad previously. She appeals to God for his bliss. Parikshit says on the off chance that anything happened to you, I wasn’t with you when you required me. Khanderao says we will remain together in Malwa currently, don’t lament. Ahilya requests that Parikshit have food and water. Parikshit says I will have it, however couldn’t say whether I can process it, I never had food in a royal residence.

I realized Khanderao is a ruler, I didn’t realize I will end up being his companion and get a greeting in his castle. She says I serve food to the family, you are his uncommon companion. Malhar and Gautama come there. Parikshit contacts their feet and welcomes. Khanderao says he is Parikshit, he is from Guru ji’s town, we had become companions there, he is truly keen and gifted, I welcomed him to Malwa, saying I will give him the main post in the military. Malhar says sure, he needs to finish in the assessment, then, at that point, he will get the post. Khanderao says I know him well, I m suggesting him, isn’t sufficiently this, what’s the need to step through the examination. Malhar says its a standard of Malwa Rajya, you know it, you additionally gave the test before you were announced the main beneficiary.

Khanderao says you didn’t confide in my abilities. Ahilya says Parikshit recently come, wouldn’t we be able to speak later with regards to it. Khanderao inquires as to for what reason wouldn’t we be able to end it here, I have guaranteed Parikshit, I m the future lord of Malwa, he went out and town, its demon to know whether my guarantee has any significance or not. Parikshit says I think about the tests given by the military warriors, I will be pleased to turn into their boss, you guaranteed me, in the event that I don’t give this test, how might I get an opportunity to show my abilities to Malhar, this possibility is a fantasy for me. Khanderao sys then I can’t prevent your fantasy from turning valid.

Parikshit says I m prepared to give any test. Ahilya thinks Parikshit is an old buddy, he didn’t let father and child battle. Gautama says I will make your plans. Malhar asks are you from Guru’s town. Parikshit says yes. Khanderao pardons himself and goes. Gunu ji and Dhana ji have a discussion. Gunu ji says its difficult to persuade Maan Singh to help yet Khanderao did this, it implies he had kept such terms by remaining in Gurukul, he can win the mission, I would prefer not to lose this possibility, I need to demonstrate that I know everything better than him. Dhana ji says extraordinary, you are going on a correct way, Malhar will understand his error soon.

Khanderao goes to the royal residence. He stresses. Tukoji comes and says I was standing by to meet you. Khanderao embraces him. He says you are the person who I told every one of my sentiments. Tukoji asks are you fine, tell me. Khanderao says yes. Tukoji says Ahilya enlightened me concerning your companion’s coming. Khanderao says Malhar didn’t set aside effort to affront my companion, I realize Parikshit was grinning to decrease the strain, I felt upset, perhaps he lied seeing the circumstance, I wish Malhar has really focused on my feelings like Parikshit did. Tukoji says he wants to think about it, remember he is a ruler, he needs to keep the guidelines.

Khanderao says relations exist in front of rules, father doesn’t confide in me, for what reason wouldn’t he be able to accept my decision. Malhar says its not about aimlessly accepting, we ought to consistently choose a jewel and an individual by tests, else it will be our misfortune. Gautama says you are correct, yet was it important to agitate Khanderao, he felt awful.

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