Vighnaharta Ganesh 28th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Vighnaharta Ganesh 28th September 2021 episode starts with the guard informing Raja Vikramaditya of Meerabai being safe inspite drinking the poisonous curd which shocks him while they hear Meerabai singing & dancing in excitement for her Prabhu’s miracle for saving her from poison she drunk.

Raja watches Meerabai dancing & singing making him furious breaking the curtain by his hands in anger while the pointy jewels fall down from that curtain spreading near Meera where she is dancing & is touching her feet but she isn’t harmed by it & Udabai is trying to alert her about it.

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Raja thinks saying this must be mistake done by Raj Vaidya or it was impossible Meerabai to be alive hence he calls him & Raj Vaidya shows him the same poison he had brought to give & if anybody drinks it some of it then that person will die immediately but Raja intimates his guard to explain him & guard says this hasn’t happened so Raj Vaidya has to prove by drinking it on his own & he is shocked hearing this hence pleads Raja to spare him due to his family won’t survive without him but Raja appreciates guards advise forcing him to drink while Rani is trying to stop him then too Raja is adamant to force him & he drinks resulting he dies immediately.

Raja watching this feels shocked saying how can this happen if Raj Vaidya dies then how Meerabai was saved & Udabai comes telling him he has done again another mistake first of Meerabai & now this crossing limits of Raj policy & he says egoistically whatever has happened can’t be changed now but she says Meerabai can change.

Udabai is convincing explaining Meerabai to bring life in Raj Vaidya to save his family as well as their ruling pride for this territory while she is shocked saying how can she bring anybody’s life who has died but Raj Vaidya’s family is also pleading her to do this & she looks towards her Prabhu saying she can only do devotion while everything is in her Girdhar’s hands.

Meera sits in front of Raj Vaidya’s body singing prayers holding her musical instrument pleading her Prabhu to help in bringing his life who wasn’t actually wrong in his deeds which is watched by everybody including Raja & Prabhu shows miracle bringing his life to normal hence all of them praise Meera while Raja feels shocked saying he was tricked by both of them it seems.

Pushpadant asks Ganeshji why still Raja wasn’t becoming aware of Meerabai’s devotional miracle & he says due to his egoistic attitude.

Udabai informs Meera that from henceforth as per Raja’s orders no Brahman will be allowed to visit inside the temple instead only to donate them from outside & Meera wonders asking how she’ll serve to Brahman’s now. Raja himself is donating to Brahman’s outside the palace door while the maid informs Meera some Brahman’s arrived from Tulsidas’s ashram & Meera realizes to ask the solution from Tulsidas hence she sends note in Sanskrit to him & in return he sends advisable note to her which she tells Udabai that if she can’t serve in palace towards her Prabhu then she has to come out of the palace so Udabai asks will she think of leaving Chittorgarh?

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