Bade Acche Lagte Hain 2 28th September 2021 Written Episode Update:

Episode starts with Shivi asking Akki to learn from Ram, he is so good. He hugs her. Meera says I had to tell something to Nandini, Ram is a lovely son and a nice brother, your upbringing is an example for everyone. Brinda says she doesn’t know that Ram’s family never did anything for him, they just use him.

Meera says Ram has a big heart, he does a lot for others, Priya is getting a good life partner, you have given us much respect, thanks a lot, this sangeet is much fun, I will try that Ram and Priya’s marriage goes well. Nandini says its our responsibility, I thought to get Ram and Priya married in the same mandap a day before Akki and Shivi’s marriage. Priya worries.

Shubham asks what are you doing here. Sid says you don’t care for my insult. Shubham says I understand your pain, I m not happy that Shivina is marrying Akki, I won’t let you create a drama in Shivi’s sangeet. Sid says I came to teach a lesson to Priya, she played this game to marry Ram. Shubham asks have you lost it. Kunal comes. They hide. Raj says this happened for the second time, he always comes out.

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 2 27th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update :

Shubham asks Sid to go home, if Ram sees him, then it will be a problem. Raj goes to get the car. Shubham asks who told you about Priya. Sid says Rakhi told me about Priya’s plan, she is Priya’s stepmum. Shubham asks what. Nandini asks is there any problem, we will organize the marriage. Priya says we need to talk to you. Mama ji asks what’s the problem, we want to make it grand. Priya says yes, but it should be from girls’ side.

Ram says it should be, let it be from Priya’s side, Meera has booked a community hall for the marriage, she told this to me. Ram recalls talking to Meera. She offers him tea. She says you can call me mum. Ram says thanks Maa. She says we don’t have money as you have, its tough for us, Priya wanted the marriage to happen in community hall. Ram says Shivi wants her grand marriage, I want to do that for her, I thought Priya and my marriage will be managed as well.

She says you have a big heart, I don’t want people to taunt me, I want to tell this to Nandini. He says you have a right to do Priya’s marriage as you like. She blesses him. She says hall is booked, we have seen the Acs are maintained, we will make your fav food. He says I m allergic to prawns, I like to have anything in food, tea is good. He smiles. FB ends.

Kunal comes with the parcel. Ram says here are the wedding cards, chosen by Meera. He asks Nandini to bless it. He says we got fancy cards for Shivi’s marriage, but Meera’s choice will be right for Priya and my marriage. Ram says Meera has a right to get her daughter married the way she likes, like I m arranging things as Shivi wants in her marriage. He says Meera Maa, marriage will happen as you like. He asks Nandini are you with me. Nandini says you should have shared this with me. Meera says I was worried that matter may get spoiled. Nandini says I can do anything for my children’s happiness, that’s why I agree with Ram and you. Meera hugs her and thanks her. Priya recalls Ram. Ram asks Priya to have sweets. Nandini goes.

Meera says I told you, this will be your life’s most right decision, you got Ram. Raj comes and says I m not getting the car. Shubham asks Raj to handle Sid. He hears Sandy comes. He asks them to leave. He asks guard to get a car from the back gate, Ram shouldn’t know. Priya talks to the cab driver and thinks did Ram give that cupcake order. Shubham drives the car. Priya sees Sandy in front of the car. She asks Sandy to move. She runs and saves Sandy. Sandy falls down. Shubham stops the car.

Priya clicks a pic of the car. Shubham stops Sid and says don’t get mad, its good no one has seen us, idiot, Ram is a calm man, he is allergic to prawns and those who insult the family, Priya comes in family category and you come in prawns category. Priya and family take Sandy home. Priya says pic isn’t clear, but I will not leave him.

Ram says I didn’t expect this matter to come out, I wanted to tell about Meera. Nandini says its okay, its your marriage, how did you take this decision. Ram says marriages would happen this way. She says I m so proud of you, I agree with your decision, did you see Shubham. He says no. She goes to see. Priya says I m going to police station, Sandy is hurt, we should file a complain. Meera says its your marriage tomorrow. Sandy says I m not much hurt. Priya says no one will stop me. Meera stops her. Sara thinks send someone to stop her.

Adi, Kunal and Vikrant come to Ram and ask him to answer, does he love Priya. Ram sees Shivi. He says I love Shivi, so I m doing this marriage. Adi asks about Priya. Ram says no, what’s wrong. Vikrant says you danced for her. Adi says you sang for her. Ram asks Brinda to come. He says they are foolish to think I love Priya. Brinda says yes, you can love her. Ram says don’t keep this hope, this won’t happen, I hate Neeraj, how was he talking to Meera, I thought I can talk to her, I will stand against them for the family’s sake. Nandini hears them.

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