Mere Sai 29th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Mere Sai 29th September 2021 Maan Singh shares that he was a happy man till last year. I had a happy family too. We went to a function organized by the people of our caste.

Flashback shows Maan Singh and his people at the function when they hear gunshots. British officials enter and start shooting villagers. Maan Singh’s wife and son are shot as well. Everyone present in the room dies except Maan Singh. He simply pretends to be dead. Officers leave. Maan Singh looks at the dead bodies and cries. Flashback ends.

Maan Singh says I sat there thinking that I will be shot too and will die with my family but I survived unfortunately. So many people were killed that day. I survived. They dint spare anyone. I swore to take revenge from the government. That became my life’s motto. I shot officer Hamilton and was seen by some officers. Sai says you came here while escaping them. Maan Singh says I am not worrie dbaout myself. I want to live for my world and put an end to this injustice. No one else should go through this.

I have sworn to free the country from this abuse! Sai applauds his determination and love towards his country. Maan Singh asks Sai if He does not want everyone to be free. Don’t you want us to have our own government who works for us? Sai replies that He only believes in God who always works for us. I also think it is unjust to use power ike that. It must be stopped. Your intention is right. Some things cannot be done alone though. I will help you. I am sure villagers will help you too.

Mere Sai 28th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Maan Singh says I don’t think others would be able to understand things like you. Sai says time is powerful. Situations made you patriotic. They too will come across some circumstances that they will understand. What do you want? Maan Singh says I want to get out of Shirdi but police has surrounded it from all sides. Sai reasons that he wont be able to go anywhere till the time he recovers. You must stay here. Maan Singh reasons that anyone who will give him shelter will become the enemy of government too. Who will do that?

Sarkar announces that he will pay the tax for the year of the person who will help him nab Maan Singh. Banta is confused but Santa explains Sarkar’s strategy to him. Sarkar adds that those who try to support Maan Singh will be called a traitor.

His assets will be seized and he will be sent to jail. British officers come there just then. Sarkar welcomes Major Billy and introduces himself. Major Billy says Maan Singh is surely hiding here. Do you know the meaning of this? Sarkar replies in broken English for which he is reprimanded. You know I can talk in Hindi and understand it too.

Don’t do this nonsense. British Government will give you prize if Maan Singh is caught here. You will lose this village if Maan Singh escapes from here safely. Start looking for him asap if you want to save yourself. Sarkar insists that Maan Singh made the biggest mistake by coming to Shirdi. He wont be able to escape now.

Sai asks Maan Singh to come with Him quickly. He helps Maan Singh stand and takes him from the temple.

Sarkar and villagers keep looking for Maan Singh. One officer notices blood on the other side of Khandoba temple. He was here and is wounded! Sarkar notices udi on the ground. Major Billy remarks that Maan Singh wont be able to walk around much now. Sarkar says he knows where Maan Singh must be right now. Santa is amazed. Where is he? Sarkar shares that Maan Singh is in Dwarkamai right now. Major Billy says He will be punished if that’s true. Sarkar smiles and they head to Dwarkamai.

Maan Singh asks Sai where He is taking him. You will be in trouble if you get caught. Is that place safe? Sai calls him restless. You will find your answers and will be able to fulfil your dreams if you imbibe Shraddha and Saburi. Maan Singh tells him it wont help.

Sarkar brings officers to Dwarkamai but they don’t find Sai or Maan Singh there. Major Billy tells Sarkar he is wasting his time and wlaks away in a huff. Maan Singh says it wont work. Sai replies that trust is the best thing sometimes.

Sarkar insists that Fakir took Maan Singh with Him. Major Billy asks him how he is sure. Sarkar speaks of the udi. Maan Singh and Sai overhear them. Maan Singh panics but Sai assures him that everything will be fine. Sarkar tells Major Billy to keep looking. Maan Singh frees his hand and hides behind a cart nearby.

Sai looks at him. Sarkar asks Major Billy to come. Santa points at Sai. Officers and Sarkar look in Sai’s direction. Major Billy calls out to Him. Sarkar asks Sai about Maan Singh. Where have you hidden him? Answer Major Billy. They look around but don’t see the cart.

Sai says I haven’t hidden anyone. Sarkar tells Him not to lie. I saw udi with blood. You are the one who distributes it. Major Billy reprimands him and calls his logics silly. You are such a hopeless person. Pray that Maan Singh dint abscond from Shirdi or I will put you in jail! Officers storm away in a huff.

Sarkar warns Sai not to mess with him this time. Hari Om! Sai says Allah Maalik in reply. Sarkar leaves with his men. Santa asks Sarkar if he thinks his threat will work on Fakir. Sarkar looks at Sai. I want Fakir to take it lightly and help Maan Singh. I want him to be caught red handed. He will spend the rest of His life in jail then! Hari Om!

Sai looks at Maan Singh once everyone leaves. He steps out of the hiding place. It was good that I hid there. I would have been caught if I had listened to you. Sai smiles. Come with me. I will take you to the place where you can get shelter.

Major Billy is at Sarkar’s place. Sarkar insists that he isn’t lying. Fakir has always done things against government. He has helped many revolutionaries in the past. Major Billy asks him why he let Sai do that. Sarkar thinks that he would have taught him a lesson for threatening him in his own house if I dint have my own reasons. Sarkar says I was always alone but I have you on my side now. Major insists that he will shoot down anyone who will support Maan Singh.

Sai has brought Maan Singh to Baizama’s house. Do you think he can stay here till he recovers? Baizama says it is your house. Things will happen as per your wish only. Tatya says I shiver thinking about what he has been through yet he is trying to bring change. We would be lucky to help him. I would have said yes even if you hadn’t asked for it.

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