Meet 29th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Episode Start with Meet Ahlawat breaks his chain reminscing his Dad words that Manushi ran off from mandap. Meet and Meet Ahlawat thinks why Manushi do this to them. Meet Ahlawat ruins adornment than he sees Meet infront of him. Hoshiarpur advises to Masoom that her Dad took Meet with him. Masoom reprimands him for educating her of late than she might suspect something is dubious.

Masoom sees her Dad accompanying turban and asks him what occurred. Relatives also asks him for what valid reason he looks stressed. Raj says Meet can’t get hitched to Manushi and he educates everything to them which makes everybody gets stunned. Masoom says it’s awful however don’t take strain and my judgment is right from beginning itself and I can save our regard by wedding Meet to my Nanand Chavi in the equivalent mandap. Raj says no need as I fixed Meet’s marriage with Manushi’s sister. Masoom and other relatives inquires as to whether Manushi have sister. Raj says yes and it’s boring tale, will let you know folks later as I need to converse with Meet and he goes looking through Meet

Meet Ahlawat inquires as to whether she came to grin at him seeing his state. Meet requests that he pay attention to her than Meet Ahlawat yells at her colloquialism you may came here to take things right. Raj, Anubha and Masoom comes there and Meet tells to his Dad that Meet is criminal so check your things if they are protected. Masoom attempts to control him. Meet advises ti Raj to eliminate his proposition from his psyche. Meet Ahlawat asks what’s she saying and he yells at her. Raj says stop it, I will leave my well deserved property on the off chance that she consents to wed you. Meet Ahlawat gets stunned. Raj says she is Meet hooda sister if Manushi. Masoom inquires as to whether she is sister if Manushi. Raj says yes and I need Meet to get hitched to her and don’t address me anything as Guruji consented to this marriage as Meet horoscope is coordinating with our Meet and Manushi changed the Kundli. Meet Ahlwat leaves saying he will not wed Meet. Raj goes behind him.

Meet 28th Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:-

Meet feels broken. Raj comes to him. Meet says I need ti keave from here. Raj says don’t leave as this spot will recuperate your injuries and trust me as I generally pick best for you. Meet says it’s my life time choice amd I wish to wed young lady like Mom and she isn’t unreasonably Kind so don’t compress me as I can’t deny it so let me take this choice. Raj says your life is brimming with your choices and I never constrained you in any matter and today likewise I’m mentioned you as you’re not ready to see the positive qualities in this marriage and you can’t get Meet sort of soul mate in the entire world and even Guruji saud same in the wake of checking kundali.

Meet Ahlwat says I will have a hard time believing this horoscope and this woman is hoodlum and dhokabaaz than how might I wed her. Raj says I realize how to pass judgment on individuals better than you and in the event that you don’t believe me than you can leave from here and in the event that you trust me thsn come inside wearing turban. Meet looks on.

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