Kumkum Bhagya 29th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Episode Start with Dida requests that Prachi give him some mantra to win. Prachi says the very best. Ranbir says I will return at some point. Prachi attempts to stop him, yet he lets Dida know that the subterranean insect messed with him, who doesn’t adore him. Ranbir proceeds to remain outside. Dida asks Prachi what was the deal? Prachi says nothing. Dida says when I had hitched your Dada ji, I needed to lie ordinarily and this nothing thing used to go on… Prachi grins. Dida says love and animosity don’t stow away. Ranbir messages her to say I love you infront of everybody.

Pallavi comes there and asks Ranbir what’s going on here? Ranbir says I was informing on telephone. He gets a call and goes. Prachi peruses his message and hacks. Soni says I will bring water. Dida says there is something which you are stowing away and it is coming out as hack. Pallavi asks what? Prachi says nothing. She says I will make tea for everybody and goes to kitchen. Ranbir comes to kitchen. She inquires as to whether he will have ginger tea. He says he came to drink water here. Prachi says you have become devilish. Ranbir asks what are you saying? He gets a call and claims to converse with a young lady. Sid says I am accessible as needs be and asks what are you saying.

Ranbir says you are sweet young lady and recognized you hearing your voice. He says don’t talk sweet, I will fail to remember that I am hitched. He says I am perfect chit, submitted and wedded. He says in the event that I was not hitched, would have thought. He comes out and requests that Sid hear what is she saying? He says we will meet tomorrow and asks what is she saying, he is feeling timid. He closes the call. Prachi asks him with whom he was conversing with. Ranbir says he will go. Prachi says I l love you. He requests that she tell infront of everybody.

Abhi says you are ceasing me from drinking as you disdain my bliss and not on the grounds that you love cash. He says you don’t care for me to do, what you don’t care for. Pragya asks what’s going on here? Abhi says my beverages. He says since I came here, I like to drink wine more. He says either the wine is acceptable, or outrage all over is acceptable. He says I love it. Pragya says you won’t get wine here. He says today alongside outrage, I will see disillusioned all over. He shows the wine bottle.

Pragya calls Tanu and asks who gave him wine. Tanu says I didn’t give him. Pragya says then who gave him wine, Aaliya? Dadi says I gave him cash to purchase a little amount of wine. I was unable to see his condition. Pragya says you knows the amount he drinks. Dadi says he has guaranteed me that he will drink nearly nothing. Pragya asks would you be able to see his condition subsequent to drinking and says it is poison for him. Dadi says I gave him as a medication with the goal that he gets harmony. Pragya says he needs us and not the wine. Abhi says what are you conversing with Dadi and says she really focuses on me more than you, and says he don’t need her talk.

Pragya says this is my home and no one will drink wine here. Aaliya asks her not to make the house as lodging and inquires as to whether you will treat us along these lines. Tanu says you can’t organization us. Pragya says anything you desire to figure, you can think, yet it’s not possible for anyone to give him wine. Abhi says I will drink however much I need and assuming you attempt to stop me, I will drink infront of you. He goes.

Kumkum Bhagya 28th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Dadi lets Pragya know that he is extremely difficult and assuming you get obstinate, he will drink more. Pragya asks do you need him to drink wine. Dadi says I would prefer not to see him longing for wine. Pragya says whatever is off-base isn’t right and asks her not to repeat the experience. Dadi says I can apologize to you, yet can’t guarantee. She goes. Pragya asks Tanu for what reason did you individuals let him drink? Pragya says he drinks because of you, to light the fire lit by you. Pragya says wine consumes individuals in fire. Abhi says let me consume, yet I won’t lose an opportunity to make you envious. He drinks. Pragya leaves her home out of resentment. Aaliya says where did she go? Tanu says she has gone out. Aaliya says she won’t go and says she went to discover approaches to stop him, even she is obstinate.

Abhi hears thumping sound and thinks he is getting sound from the container, opens the spout and beverages. He hears window thumping sound and thinks wind is thumping at the window. He opens the window and discovers Pragya there. He inquires as to for what reason did you come here as a hoodlum and says I will help you, to bounce in. Pragya says I can cause you to comprehend and tells that she has said that wine won’t be drink here. She says either this wine or I will remain here. Abhi says this is basic. He says sorry, in the event that you imagine that I will ask you not to take off from house and I will leave wine, then, at that point, it won’t occur. He says there will be no dingy scene. Tanu hears them and grins. Abhi says you are here. Tanu says I heard you and tells that Pragya’s strategies won’t deal with Abhi now. Abhi asks her not to become interpreter as he gets English and Hindi both. Pragya says he is requesting that you go. Abhi requests that Tanu go and shuts the entryway. Tanu goes. Abhi returns and asks Pragya for what good reason did she hold the jug? Pragya says nothing and says it was going to fall, I kept it appropriately. Abhi says taking is terrible, inquires as to whether Sushma aunt didn’t educate you. Pragya asks him not to bring Sushma ji between them. He says we have everybody aside from what was there previously. He requests that she come inside. Pragya says I won’t come inside. He says it is acceptable that you are not wearing white saree, else individuals will think apparition came.. Pragya says she is looking apsara and in the event that somebody bother me. Abhi requests that she become instructor and give them address. Pragya says you imply that I will go. Abhi says it is your desire, I will drink here as I need to show who am I? She asks your meaning could be a little clearer. Abhi says he is badshah of his contemplations and not her captive of affection. Pragya says alright, I will go. Mitali hears them and goes to educate Aaliya and Tanu.

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