Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 29th Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Renu hears Avnit telling someone that Jogi needs more time, he can’t sing preppy songs. Avnit hears someone outside and closes the door. Renu runs from there.

Renu comes to Mahi and says I saw Avnit-Jogi together now. Mahi says Jogi left after fighting with me so Avnit took advantage of it. Renu tells her everything. Mahi says what can I do? Renu says do something, she can trap Jogi in her love. Mahi says I know my husband, he isn’t like others. Renu says but she is changing him. Mahi says but Jogi thinks I don’t care about him.

Renu says don’t cry like this, everything will be fine. God is with you, your husband loves you so don’t worry. Mahi smiles and hugs her. She says everything will be fine, it’s just a bad time. Renu says when Jogi won’t be able to sing tomorrow then Jogi might realize. She tells how Avnit told on the call that he won’t be able to sing tomorrow. Mahi says if Jogi is not able to sing tomorrow then he will break down. I can’t let that happen.

In the morning, Jogi comes back to his room. Mahi says I couldn’t sleep without you. Jogi says I slept like a baby. He tries to ignore her but Mahi says I am sorry. I should have stood by you. You can write any song you want but I want you to take time and not sing today. Jogi says why? Mahi says because when you do something new then you need to give it time to make it perfect. Jogi recalls Avnit’s words that Mahi doesn’t trust him. Jogi says don’t worry, I have already written my song. Mahi says you won’t sing it for me? Jogi says leave me. Mahi says never. Jogi says Avnit has taken the responsibility for handling my songs and my work so let it be. Mahi looks on.

Mahi comes to Avnit’s room and says you were with Jogi last night? Avnit says why are you here? Mahi says you know why. Avnit says I want Jogi to perform but you don’t want him to. Mahi says you know Jogi isn’t ready and if he is not able to perform then he might break down completely. Avnit says why do you keep stopping me from doing something nice for him? Mahi says I can’t look away from the truth?

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 28th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

I am begging you to give some time to Jogi, he needs more practice. Avnit sees Jogi standing behind Mahi and says to Mahi that you think Jogi can’t achieve anything on his own? Do you need to make him practice so he can perform? Do you think he is useless without you? Mahi says it’s not like that. You know Jogi’s song is not good, he needs more time. Avnit says Jogi’s song is a superhit, you don’t know much about songs so don’t worry. Jogi has already perfected this song.

Mahi says I know he is not ready, he needs me right now. Jogi says otherwise what Mahi? Mahi is stunned to see him there. She says I just think you need more time to practice. Jogi says you said that I am not ready and I need your help. You never changed your thoughts about me, you still think I am useless and brainless. Mahi says it’s not like that. Jogi says you think I can’t achieve anything in life, I am just a joke to everyone. Mahi says don’t say that. Jogi says you have used these words for me.

Jogi says you think I am nothing without you, I would sing and dance when you order me to, I am not your husband but a toy for you right? Mahi is hurt hearing that. Avnit asks Mahi to not spread negativity today, she asks Jogi to not take the stress and let’s go from here. She holds his hand and takes him from there. Mahi is hurt seeing all that.

Rupa brings parsad to Jogi and says I have said sorry to Avnit also. She offers her parsad but Avnit stops her. She holds her hand and says Jogi needs your blessings today. Arjun comes there and says give me blessings too.

He tries to hug Jogi but he stops him. Jogi says I got to know you were just pretending to have faith in my talent. Avnit asks Arjun how he got hurt? Arjun recalls how Avnit had hurt him. He says I fell down. Let’s wait for the producer. Mahi goes to the mandir and tries to light diya but Avnit stops her. She says Rupa already prayed for Jogi so you don’t need to light diya, Jogi needs you right now so let’s go. Mahi says what do you want? Avnit looks at the diya and is tensed.

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