Kundali Bhagya 29th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Episode begins with Sudha gives groom pictures and their bio-data to Sarla. Sarla calls Srishti and asks her to see groom pictures and select. Srishti asks her to select it. Sudha explains about grooms to Sarla. Sarla tells her that she will keep this bio-data file and she will contact her after discussing with Preeta. She asks Srishti to make tea for Sudha. Srishti glares her so the latter goes to the kitchen. They gets surprised seeing Pihu. Srishti notices Sameer and Rishabh. Preeta and Karan also enters the house. Sarla meets them and introduces Sudha to everyone. She takes the file and tells them that she is glad that they came to help her.

Rishabh asks her to not worry about anything now because they will find a perfect groom for Srishti. Sudha assumes that Rishabh is unmarried and talks about his marriage. He tells her that he is already married so she apologizes to him. Sameer glares Sudha. Preeta tells Sarla that she wants her handmade tea and samosa. Sarla tells them that in excitement she forgot everything. She gives file to Preeta and goes to the kitchen. Preeta takes Srishti to their room.

On the other hand, Sonakshi asks Yash that why he called her. He tells her that he don’t trust Luthra’s so he called her to know about her well-being. She tells him that she is not a kid and if she wants any help then she will ask him. He informs her that Karan and Preeta’s marriage anniversary coming and asks her to inform Luthra’s that she is out for treatment. He suggests her to stay in hotel until Luthra’s finish marriage anniversary celebration because he knows that she can’t see Karan and Preeta together.

Preeta scolds Srishti for not calling her. Srishti pleads to save her from this problem because she don’t want to marry now. Preeta asks her to accept that she likes Sameer. Srishti tells her that she is not interested in arrange marriage and she kind of likes Sameer too. Preeta asks her to think about Sameer seriously and leaves the room. Srishti thinks that Sameer didn’t propose her yet.

Meanwhile Sherlyn sends waiter to Sonakshi’s room. She sees Yash and thinks that she was right. Later, Sudha asks Preeta that did the latter liked anyone for Srishti. Preeta sees groom pictures and praises their looks. Karan gets jealous and takes the file from her and criticises them. Rishabh tells him that they are not here for him and asks him to go to Sarla. Karan goes to the kitchen. Sarla tells him that she wants someone like him for Srishti too.

Kundali Bhagya 28th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Karan comes out of the kitchen and likes one groom picture. Preeta tells him that they are here to stop this marriage topic. He tells her that Sarla liked this groom. Rishabh tells them that Karan is emotional now because he met Sarla. He asks Sameer to go to kitchen and help Sarla. Sameer goes to kitchen. Sarla tells him that she thought the latter and Srishti are more than friends but she is glad that she is wrong.

She tells him that because of Kareena she won’t let Srishti’s marriage happen to Luthra house. She gives samosa and sweet plates to him. He comes out of the kitchen and starts seeing groom pictures. Srishti asks Rishabh to not go to kitchen because whoever goes, they gets influenced by Sarla. Meanwhile Sherlyn clicks Sonakshi and Yash’s picture and smriks.

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