Apna Time Bhi Aayega 29th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 29th September 2021 Rani comes to the temple and cries. She recalls Veer saying he had to protect her. Rani says your Rani needs you Veer. Where are you? Veer says even if I am not there, my love and heart are always with you. You can fight all of this alone. I have faith in you.

Rani comes to servant quarter. Rajeshwari and Rajmata are crying there. Rajeshwari says my son can’t leave me. Rani says in heart forgive me but this is the only way to save Veer. She comes there with servant uniforms and says stop crying. This if for you all, a gift from me. Rani says Shanti ask them to change into servant uniform. Shanti says what are you saying? Rani says you should be happy. They will be like you now. They will all work under you now. Vijaya comes there.

Rani says it should be done. Vijaya says get started with the work. Shanti gives them the uniforms. Rajeshwari throws them away. Rani says your ego won’t work here. Do what we ask. Vikram says you can’t talk to mom like that. Rani says I can talk like whatever I want. Vikram says you have completely changed a lot. Rani says you have to change with time. I have to get what I wanted. Rajmata says I never thought you would change like this. GO before I curse you. Rani says I am saying this for your better. Rajeshwari says better think about yourself. We won’t bow down to my son’s murderer.

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 28th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Vijaya calls her goons. They snatch everything from them including phones. Vijaya says they are doing this so you can’t reach to the police. Don’t do anythign for me but you would want to do it for your son’s asthiyan? She says Rani have to prepared the kalash? Rani says yes. Rajeshwari says you did my son’s funeral without me? She cries. Vijaya says don’t cry again. Vijaya says don’t start this drama again. If you want your son’s asthiyan do what I ask. Rani leaves. She says I can’t see all this. Rajeshwari cries and says my son left me.

Sooraj comes to Veer. He says drink this.. Veer says I won’t. Sooraj says I won’t tolerate your actions. He says you have to stay alive till I get those papers. I will kill you after that with a lot of pain. He forces Veer to eat. Veer says Sooraj rises to set down.

Jai says to Champa for my parents Nandini is still my wife. I can’t tell them right away. She says you only love me when no one is there. Jai says to Nandini can’t you dress up? She says when there’s nothing between us why do you want to act? He says I don’t want more drama. You dont’ have anything to get respected for. Nandini says did you love was for money only?

Mausa ji and Pinku find Sooraj’s car. He says there’s no one inside. Pinku says what will we tell Rani? Mausa says where is Veer?

Vikram, Rajmata and Rajeshwari come in servant uniforms. Shanti cries. Rajeshwari recalls shouting at the servants. Vijay says look at Rajeshwri who used to wear millions worth sarees. All old servants are fired. New ones will work. Shanti says we won’t leave out Rani. Vijaya says this is my house. Get out of there. They all leave. Vijaya says well done Rani. You have made me so happy. Can you make me a little happier?

Rani says to Rajeshwari you will do the cleaning. She says to Rajmata you will look after the kitchen and Vikram will look after the cars and gardening. Vikram says mom and dadi sa won’t do anything. I will do all the work. Rani says do as I say. Everything should be perfect or I have a hunter too. Vijaya claps and says well done. Rani says go and start your work. Vikram leaves in anger. Vijaya says this is so much fun. Rani says in heart I need to find Veer.

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