Apna Time Bhi Aayega 28th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 28th September 2021 Rani says Veer is dead. Everyone is shocked. Vikram says what joke is that? Rani says that’s truth. Rajmata says what.. Vijaya comes in and says what are you doing. Tell them directly.. Radhika… I mean Rani. She says my Mithu.. Or is it her ghost? She laughs. Vijaya says the ghost is crying? Tell them the entire thing girl. Tell them who killed him.

Rajmata cries and says killed Veer? Who? Vikram says this Vijaya must have done it. I will kill her. Rani says I killed him. Everyone is shocked. Rajeshwari sits down in shock. Veer says this is a lie. Is she blackmailing you? You love him. Rajeshwari says I trusted you after so long.. Tell me this is a lie. She cries. Tell me where is my son Veer? Rani says I lied about everything. Veer wanted to give everything to Rani sa.

I didn’t want that. I risked my life, tolerated so much and won your trust. I wanted to be Jaipur’s Rani sa. What’s wrong with that. You made my dad your servant and disrespected him. This was my way of revenge. I tried to explain to veer and in that.. I.. Rajeshwari slaps her and says you witch. I paid your dad for 20 years, gave you place in my house, everyone conisdered you family, Veer loved you so much. And you..

Rani recalls Vijaya said to Rani you look happy. Has the ghost left? Rani says I think he’s gone. Vijaya said I think you’re safe. Let me show you something. My Sooraj has prepared something for you only. She showed her Veer’s video. He was tied up and fainted. Sooraj said surprise.. Rani said what is all this? Vijaya said surprise for you. Why are you crying? My son is winning. He’s killing that Veer.

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 27th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update 

Rani cried and says please let him go. Please don’t do this. Vijaya said you were my servant and advocating for this Rajawat? Why? What’s your relationship with him? Let me guess. I think he’s your husband. Rani was shocked. Rani cried. Vijaya says this was a surprise for you. Rani said please forgive me. I didn’t want all this. Please.. Let him go. Vijaya said Sooraj.. He put a gun on his head. Sooraj says you used me, You have to pay for it and now Veer will pay with his life on your behalf. Rani cried and said please don’t do this. He said you were never Radhika. You were Veer’s Rani. I will take everything from Rani that she loved and what is left would be my Radhika..

Rani cried and said please don’t do this.. Sooraj shoots in his foot. Rani screams. Vijaya says shoot on his head. Rani screamed please don’t do this. Sooraj hit Veer. Veer screamed. Veer said scream more. Rani said please don’t do this. Vijaya said say goodbye to your husband. Last bullet would be in his chest. Rani throttled Vijaya and said I will kill you. Sooraj said don’t touch my mom. I will kill him.

Rani left Vijaya and cried. Vijaya said think before doing it again. I will kill him in a second. Rani said please.. I will do whatever you ask. Please don’t harm him. Vijaya said you like playing games right? Let’s play a game now. Your life is in that Rajawat. Wipe your tears and take my news to Rajawats.

Rajeshwari screams you greedy, selfish, liar.. Vijaya says calm down before you get another heart attack. What’s the point of getting mad at her. It’s time for you to grief. Cry a bit and show me. Rajeshwari shouts shut up. Don’t say a single more word. She cries and says my son.. Rani says will you all keep crying? What had to happen is done. Think of future. I am giving you a job in Rajawat house as a mercy. Work to stay alive. Veer is dead. Rajeshwari says did you ever love my son? Or were you fooling him like me too? Why did you do this.. Rani says that’s the addiction of money. It wipes all your tears. Rani walks away.

Jai’s parents see Champa. Malani says this girl.. what is she doing here? Jai says she’s a maid. What else would she do. She had no job after what happened to Rajawats. She is trained. Malani says why is she so dressed? Jai says Nandini is like a sister to her. Nandini gave her stuff to her. Malani says why does Nandini look so upset? She’s not dressed at all. Jai says she’s worried for her family. You should rest. They leave. Jai says to Nandini if you say anything to my mom it won’t be good to you.

Sooraj says you attacked my heart. I will destroy your heart. I will make your wife mine. Veer laughs. Veer says she will tear your eyes if you even see her. You don’t even know her.. Sooraj says I have known her very well. I will do anything to get her. Veer says you idiot. She calls you dumb. No one can win from Rani. She will destroy you. Our family is together and strong. Sooraj laughs and says dress his wound. I am getting you treated because I need you. After that I will kill you.

Rani says Vijaya ji.. Please tell me where Veer is. I did everything. Vijaya says that was just round 1. Rani says what else do you want? She says the paper on which you got my signature and stamp papers that you took from me. Rani says Veer had them. Take me to him. He won’t give you anything until he’s sure that we are fine. Take me to him, I will get you everything. Take everything. I want my Veer back only. Vijaya says I am not an idiot. Bring me the papers and until then you won’t even get to see his face.

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