Kundali Bhagya 28th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Kundali Bhagya 28th September 2021 episode starts with Shrishti if marriage is delayed. Sarla says that she will get little time then, she doesn’t know when she might leave the world. She wants Shrishti to settle in her life, and it is just the beginning of her proposal search. She tells Shrishti to check the bundle of photos and select the guys she finds suitable; but last decision would be hers only. She bids Shrishti good night. Shrishti thinks it was her mistake to call Sameer, she should have called Preeta. She decides to call Preeta early morning.

It was early morning. Pihu asks Karan where he had gone. Karan replies for his game. She offers to play with her too. Karan laughs. Rakhi comes asking Preeta for Mahesh’s medicine. Vinita brings Pihu’s breakfast. Preeta leaves to find Mahesh’s medicine. Rishab asks Pihu why she had left his room, she replies she couldn’t sleep and went to her mama.

Sonakshi finds Pihu eating with Vinita and mischievously throws an apple cube in her bowl. Pihu chokes and coughs. Rishab and everyone run to Pihu. Sonakshi was tensed and says it seems something is stuck in her throat. Preeta rubs to Pihu and taps her back. Pihu spits the apple. Sonakshi and everyone scolds Vinita. Preeta explains that she couldn’t check the breakfast well, she had to hurry to find Mahesh’s medicine. Karina was angry at Preeta for taking motherhood so lightly and being irresponsible. Karina fires Vinita. Vinita explains she had chopped apple into fine pieces, but Dadi also sends Vinita.

Sherlin offers everyone’s help is there, she and Sonakshi are there to help. Sonakshi wonders what Sherlin needs from her. Preeta says she needs nobody’s help to take care of her daughter. She clarifies to Karina she never considered Pihu a toy to play and pass time; this approach is very wrong. She angrily takes Pihu and leaves. Karina wonders how Preeta can talk to her like this. Rishab replies Karina shouldn’t also have talked to Preeta like this. Dadi was angry at Preeta’s behavior and leaves with Karina. Rakhi goes upstairs.

Sherlin finds Sonakshi’s cell phone lying on a couch, there was a message reading ‘meet me at City Hotel at 11am’. Sonakshi finds her phone. Sameer was in a hurry and leaves home. Rishab and Karan follow him out of curiosity. Sherlin thinks Sonakshi was tensed as soon as she read the message and took a leave to rest implies something is wrong.

Kundali Bhagya 27th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update :

Rishab and Karan stop Sameer on his way out. Karan questions why he woke up so late? Sameer replies he was sleepless whole night. Karan intervenes and reminds Rishab that he scolded Karan always without inquiring his reason of waking up late. Rishab gives up in front of Karan’s argument. Sameer shares with brothers that Sarla wants to get Shrishti marry, but Shrishti is unhappy with the decision. Karan and Rishab inquires any reason. Sameer innocently replies that before Shrishti could tell him, Sarla came there. He requests their help. Karan offers to go for Shrishti’s help, and turns to inform Preeta.

Sherlin follows Sonakshi to her room. She thinks today Sonakshi is going to make a huge mistake. She hears through the window and thinks Sonakshi would now call the so-called Ananya; which must be someone else. Sonakshi takes her purse and goes to washroom. Sherlin peeks through the window and finds a healthy Sonakshi downstairs hiring auto-rickshaw. Sherlin was curious to know why Sonakshi committed this mistake.

Rakhi comes to Preeta’s room. She speaks to Preeta to not take Karina’s words seriously. Preeta tells Rakhi, she never mind Karina’s scolding, but if Karina questions her relation with Pihu, or her motherhood then she will never accept such accusations. Her words really hurt her. Rakhi understood Preeta, and prays that Preeta and Pihu’s love strengthen with each passing day. Karan comes to the room and finds Preeta upset. He asks Preeta if she is angry, or upset. Karan tells Preeta Shrishti is getting proposals, but won’t tell them. Preeta wonders why Shrishti told Sameer. Karan says them three are going to help Shristhi. Preeta says only she can help Shrishti, and may be they already know Shrishti’s reasons to avoid. They leave along with Pihu.

Sonakshi comes to the hotel. At the reception she informs it is her dad. Mr. Harsh knew about her arrival. Sherlin had reached the lobby and films Sonakshi going towards the room. Sherlin hurries behind Sonakshi. The receptionist stops Sherlin, Sherlin says her sister just made the entry, and hurriedly goes upstairs. Sonakshi knocked the door. Sherlin couldn’t see who was inside the room. Before she chased, the door was closed. She thinks her stalking went all in vain without a proof against Sonakshi and wonders what to do next.

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