Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 29th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 29th September 2021 Shubhra tells Kuldeep that Ayi needs time, I can’t talk to her right now. Kuldeep says I don’t want a single penny from your father’s wealth, I just want to work with you to make his business grow. I want to get out of Sam’s clutches and live with my family. If baba was here, he would want the same. You can talk to Ayi and she doesn’t need to unlock the will. Just ask her to allow you and me to work on baba’s projects. Shubhra says I will try to talk to her. I want my family together also. She hugs him.

At night time, Shubhra brings tea for Madhhura. Shubhra says baba wanted me to take care of his business. If you don’t unlock the will then how will we fulfill it? Madhura says I will do as you say. Shubhra says no, I will not touch baba’s wealth.

I just want to work on baba’s business. It was his dream to grow it, I want to work on his projects so I can fulfill his dreams. Madhura smiles. Shubhra says I want to handle baba’s business. Madhura says he wanted that also, you can start working from tomorrow but how will you handle everything alone?

Shubhra says Kuldeep will work with me. Madhura says what? now I understand that Kuldeep was my husband’s business. Your baba wanted you to take care of his business. He is your baba’s killer. Shubhra says you need to understand that we can’t let this business go, baba wouldn’t like it. I need Kuldeep’s help to handle the business. Madhura says I don’t care, I don’t trust Kuldeep at all. I know this is your house but if he comes here then I will leave from here. Shubhra says I won’t let you go.

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 28th-Sept-2021 Written Episode Update:

Madhura says then stop trying to bring Kuldeep into our business. I will take all decisions for Narayan now and Kuldeep won’t be part of my family. Shubhra says Kuldeep is my husband. Madhura says I am your Ayi so you can listen to me but if you call your husband here then send me to your baba. Shubhra is stunned.

In the morning, Shubhra is leaving the house. Madhura blesses her and makes her eat before leaving. Madhura says what if Rishi bickers with me? Shubhra says I wanted you to come with me. I am keeping Kuldeep away from the business so you are with me now right? We have to fulfill baba’s dream, I promise to find baba’s killer and punish her. Till you don’t accept Kuldeep, I won’t let him be part of the business but it’s about baba’s dream, he trusted me with his business so won’t you be with me? Please come with me.

I need you, at least for baba. Madhura says what about the kids? Shubhra calls Sanjana and asks if she can babysit kids? Sanjana says I am not at home. Shubhra says what will I do now? Rishi and Roli wish her luck to handle the business. Rishi says we can stay with papa and dadi. Shubhra says it’s Sam’s house.

Roli says we will manage, please. Shubhra says let me talk to Kuldeep. She calls him, the kids are excited. Shubhra says I am taking care of baba’s business, can I leave the kids with you? Kuldeep says I have back-to-back meetings today but Beeji can take care of them. Don’t worry, she won’t let Sam come near the kids. Shubhra thanks him and says soon we will prove your innocence then we will be together. Kuldeep smiles and ends the call.

Rishi and Roli get dropped at Sam’s house. Chandrani meets them and is excited. Sam comes there and asks how are they? Roli says soon we will be rich too, mom will get a bigger house. Chandrani stops them from talking to her. Sam thinks I have to find out what they were talking about? What opportunity does Shubhra have?

Shubhra and Madhura comes to Narayan’s house. They are emotional and hug each other.

Shubhra and Madhura meet Narayan’s colleagues in his construction business. Shubhra says you all were my baba’s partner so I want you all to support me also. Let’s make my baba’s dream come true together. Shubhra says I won’t hide anything from you people. Someone has claimed to kill my baba so I will fight for justice but I can’t let his business suffer. My baba never lost hope so I won’t also but I need your support. They all say we are with you. Shubhra smiles and thinks baba’s team is with me now.

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