Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update :

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th September 2021 Angoori in kitchen peeling vegetable and singing. Vibhu come and flirts with her and ask how’s everything going. Angoori says not good Tiwari is facing a bit crunch. Vibhu abuses Tiwari, Angoori scolds him and what do you think, he is businessman and profit and loss is part of business but you won’t understand because you’re unemployed, go from here I have lots of have guests are coming. Vibhu asks who all are coming. Tiwari invited TMT so that he can ask for some help. Vibhu thinks Angoori gave nice idea now I need ask for money from TMT. Angoori says what are you thinking. Vibhu says nothing and leave.

TMT outside Tiwari’s house having ice-cream. Teeka says when we were poor icecream use yo be delicious. Malkhan says you are right. Tillu says what are you trying yo say. Teeka says being rich and having ice-cream is different fun. Malkhan says lets go America and have ice cream there. Tillu says it’s not that easy its expensive so why go there lets do one thing we can go to Dubai. Teeka says no not Dubai. Malkhan says people of Dubai are very dangerous. Tillu says then lets go to Nepal. Teeka says its mountain area many land slides occur. Tillu says then Kanpur is best we will stay here and have fun. Malkhan says Tillu its right.
Anu on call discussing about her grooming classes she sees Vibhuti walk to TMT. Vibhu greets TMT and says you guys are my brother. Teeka says sorry buddy you don’t match our status. Tillu mocks Vibhuti. Malkhan says you are someone who lives on Bhabhiji earning. Vibhu says I need 5 lakh rupees. Malkhan says now I know why is he so sweet. Vibhu says its genuine. Teeka drops ice cream on his shoes. Tillu says relax ask someone near around to wipe shoes. Teeka says to Vibhu, you beggar wipe mu shoes I’ll give you 5 lakh. Tillu says what are you looking at, he asked yo wipe shoes see here. Vibhu bends and wipe his shoes. Teeka says I’m feeling so lite . Anu leaves. Tillu throws money. Vibhu says I don’t pick thrown money. Malkhan says okay and picks it. Vibhu says now give me my money. Teeka says call tomorrow lets see. Tillu says we had meeting for airport and everyone leaves.

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TMT drinking with Tiwari. Angoori gets them snacks. TMT greets her. Malkhan says she cooks best snacks. Teeka says yesterday I had in 5 star they were so good. Tillu says they 2500 per plate. Angoori gets shocked and ask where it is. Teeka says did this man never took you its near Ram Ghat bus stand and suggest her to go there. Angoori says he never take me anywhere. Tillu mocks Tiwari. Tiwari asks them to stop disrespecting. Malkhan says you are disrespected in whole Kanpur. Angoori says to Tiwari what is this you use to be flex so much and what are they saying that everyone disrespect you. Tiwari says don’t believe them. Tillu says don’t whisper talk loudly. TMT don’t worry we are alive and we will take to hitel for dinner.

Angoori says no I don’t want to. Tillu says you have all right over our money. Tiwari asks for some money. Tillu says you ate all my salary why do you want money. Angoori tells them the reason and Tiwari will get bankrupt. Teeka cries and says don’t worry we will arrange something for you. TMT says you arrange we will manage money. Teeka says you beggar go and help Angoori.

Vibhu on call. Anu walks to him and says stop your nonsense and ask him were you on some money deal. Vibhu says why are you behind money always. Anu says go clean my slippers. Vibhu says you think I’ll clean my wife’s slippers. Anu says okay it is fine yo clean Teeka shoes. Vibhu I knew you would find this and Teeka has spine problem so he request me to clean his shoes or else he will go to coma but you did not see that Teeka ran behind me fell in my feet and apologize, today I’m in mood to sleep early and leaves.

TMT defecating in jungle, they say its different when you are rich. Tillu says when money come things changes. Tillu says but we will not change. Malkhan says to Teeka think of yourself firt its you who always gets in trouble first. Tiwari and Vibhuti arrive there and say we were looking for you everywhere. Tiwari asks Vibhuti what are you doing here. Vibhu says I ask you same question. Tiwari I was strolling around saw them and come. Vibhu says then why are you here go and stroll and they both start fighting. TMT says you both go from here. Vibhu and Tiwari start arguing again. Tillu says one minute stop fighting like animals do toss and whoever win we will talk to him. Tiwari throws coin to toss but it landed in Teeka’s mouth, he ate it and says gone and asks now tell what happen. Tiwari says I’m in bug trouble help me. Vibhu says I came here to invite you for dinner tonight and both argue that who’s house TMT will visit. Malkhan says shutup we already have work to do who will do that. Tillu says if you want us to come to your house so first you will come to our house and do some dishes. Tillu says some undergarments are dirty too.

Vibhu and Tiwari massaging Teeka and Tillu respectively. Anu and Angoori watches them from window. Teeka says to Vibhuti you don’t have power in your body. Vibhu says I have applied all my strength. Tillu says you are useless and talk with respect. Vibhu says just shut and do as they say. Malkhan walks to them and says massage me too. Tillu asks Vibhuti to massage Malkhan. Teeka saya take this beggar Tiwari. Tillu says try to understand Tiwari still have to clean my ears. Malkhan says enough its my turn now. Tillu says stop this argument lets buy them we are friends and says we will pay Tiwari 10000 and 5000 for Vibhuti. Malkhan asks Vibhuti and Tiwari there rates. Vibhu says narrates a poem. Tiwari praises him.

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