Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 30th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 30th September 2021 episode Rama collected Bhim Rao’s books in a bad, Daliya amma inquired what she was up to. Rama left without answering.

Bhim Rao cut his finger open, Shankar offered to pull the cart. Bhim Rao denied. They continued with their work.

Men informed Joshi that they hid Ramji in another location. Joshi praised them. Jijabai came. Joshi was astounded. She requested him to find Ramji, he has been kidnapped. Joshi’s uncle replied that Ramji was useless, why would someone kidnap him. he further said that the fishes were suffering in the fishpond due to Ramji’s absence. Joshi threw few pennies at Jijabai, asked her to consider it Ramji’s salary. Jijabai took the money and left. The uncle why he gave her money for free, Joshi said that it was her reward for being against Bhim Rao.

Rama brought book to Bhim Rao, wanted to sell them as they have become useless for her husband. Bhim Rao furiously asked her to leave, he had responsibilities to fulfil. Rama always though that she was treated like a second wife, books came first then Rama. She asked Bhim Rao to buy the books, she would handle her husband. Bhim Rao refused to buy them. Shankar questioned Rama, her sister said that Rama wanted Bhim Rao to leave this work. Bhim Rao refused. Rama was stubborn.

Bhim Rao agreed to buy the books, she was about to weight them. Guruji stopped Rama. She asked Rama not to sell this precious books in her fight with Bhim Rao. Weighting these books will decrease their value. Rama wanted Bhim Rao to listen to her. Guruji paid Rama for the books, said that he would buy them for Bhim Rao. Rama refused; she didn’t want Bhim Rao to work for Joshi. He was her pride, her strength. Joshi interrupted, taunted Bhim Rao and Rama. Bhim Rao left.

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Anand requested the police officer; he knew that Ramji was kidnapped. The policeman taunted Anand or concluding, asked if he should offer Anand his uniform. The policeman had many other cases to handle, Ramji was a regular man. Said that Anand would be informed once Ramji was found. The officer left. Anand recognized the guy asking for tea as the one men whom the met yesterday. The man was asking tea for 4 though he normally take for 3, as asked by the tea vendor. Anand was curious. He came to him, inquired him. The men tried to escape, Anand grabbed him and questioned.

Bhim Rao gave Joshi the budget. Joshi asked him to keep two pennies. Bhim Rao and Shankar were about to leave. Joshi questioned him the rest of the lower caste who were uncountable. The uncle and Joshi ridiculed Bhim Rao for his sayings. Bhim Rao asked when to arrive in the morning. Joshi said that same time as college, 9 o’clock.

Bhim Rao was leaving. Joshi asked him to thank his uncle and him, by joining his hand. Bhim Rao did so. Anand came, he informed that the man who kidnapped Ramji has been found. The Uncle inquired. Bhim Rao refused to tell him. Anand told the names and left. Joshi was in anger, didn’t want anyone to know that he kidnapped Ramji.

The man was being inquired by everyone. He was mad for being brought to at lower caste’s house. Bhim Rao came, apologized for tying him up, requested him to inform them about Ramji. Anand wanted to hit him, Bhim Rao stopped him. Said that he must b taken to the police. Jijabai refused, he didn’t care about the right and wrong. Anand agreed with Jijabai. Bhim Rao said that Ramji believes law being the absolute sovereign.

He ordered Rama to call the police, Rama questioned. Lakshmi stopped her. Bhim Rao asked her to have faith in him. Rama agreed to call the police. Anand and Jijabai wanted to use force, but they were stopped. Daliya amma said that Bhim Rao must submit to Jijabai and Anand. Bhim Rao told him about his journal, according to it disobeying the law was wrong. Meanwhile the police came, they were asked to inquire the man. Police took the man. the man refused to name anyone; he would die instead.

Joshi called Bhim Rao, taunted him for remembering points of his journal rather than saving his father. Everyone taunted Bhim Rao. Jijabai said that Bhim Rao wanted Ramji to die. Bhim Rao stopped her, said that she knew him since childhood. Asked Anand that Ramji was Bhim Rao’s biggest strength, confidence, his most precious belonging. Rama asked everyone to leave, Bhim Rao didn’t have to prove his love for Ramji to anyone. Anand refuted; he was against to what Bhim Rao.

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