Ghar Ek Mandir 1st-Oct-2021 Written Episode Update:

Ghar Ek Mandir 1st October 2021 Anuradha walks to Kundan says we are having so many problems, first Varun’s illness, then Pradhanji ran away with our money and now Maharaji left with our Mahalaxmi Idol, someone has bad eye on our family, I think we should call Karol Bagh Babaji and show your Kundali and let him come here and he will show us a way. Kundan says whatever you feel right.

Varun says Genda I have to do something for Papa, I have to get him out of this problem, Genda says I have full trust in you and you have my support and thinks I wish I could tell you that I am with you and not behind.
Kundan calls everyone and says Babaji is here. Varun tells Genda about Karol Babaji, Genda says why all this, Varun says let us do as Papa says

Babaji looks around whole house and says I feel bad and negative energy here, Nisha thinks how did he know our Mahalaxmi Idol is missing, Nisha tells Babaji about it, Babaji says Mahalaxmi is upset with your family, she is being insulted here. Genda remember the incident where she was accused. Kundan tells about Maharaji to Babaji, Babaji says how did you allow a stranger home and so Mahalaxmi became upset and left, Nisha whispers to Manish says look I told you, Genda thinks I don’t believe all this.

Anuradha asks Babaji to help them with this problem. Babaji says Mahalakshmi left your house, and now have pooja during Agrasen Maharaj Jayanti, Anuradha says sure, Babaji says to make Mahalaxmi happy you have to give her big gold necklace and it should be a great pooja and donation, don’t think of saving now. Kundan says okay. Nisha asks about Maharaji, Babaji asks to lodge a complaint against him in police, Kundan asks Varun to come with him, Genda thinks they are doing wrong but how do I tell them.

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Maharaji walks in with Mahalakshmi Idol, Maharaji says to everyone were you talking about me, Varun says we were talking about shop, Shivam says why lie, and says they were going police station to complaint because you stole this idol, Kundan says he is a kid forget him, Maharaji says kids are next to god and we should not ignore them and I saw your Mahalaxmi Idol and it looked so dull, did you all do something that upset Mahalaxmi, Genda thinks about Mahalaxmi pooja incident.

Maharaji says first lets take Mahalakshmi to her place and says look I got it coloured so well. Kundan apologize to Maharaji, Maharaji says its no big deal you misunderstood me, Varun thinks Genda was so right and confident about what she said, Varun apologise to Maharaji. Babaji tells Maharaji that because of him Agarwal’s have to donate money and Jewellery to make her happy, and never do anything like this again. Maharaji stops Babaji and asks what wrong, it would be wrong if I would run away with it,

Babaji says you have moved this Idol and the negativity won’t go away without my Pooja and Kundan I hope you are not backing off, Kundan says no I won’t, Maharaji asks why only you can do this pooja, Babaji says yes, Maharaji asks reason behind it, Babaji says you are insulting me I won’t stay here, Kundan stops him, Maharaji says answer my question, Babaji says I am Pandit and God has given me this knowledge, Maharaji says you are knowledgeable, Babaji says just tell me yes or no for Pooja, Kundan and Anuradha request Maharaji not to argue, Maharaji says so you will give gold necklace, Kundan says yes, Maharaji laughs

Varun asks Maharaji why is he laughing, Maharaji says Mahalaxmi is God of gold why will she want morez she is happy with Lotus so give her that, Babaji says right God doesn’t ask for anything from anyone who can’t donate, but Kundan can and so he will donate so that he can get more gold, Maharaji says where is this written that we make such deals with God, Babaji gets angry, Kundan says Maharaji enough, Maharaji says sorry, but one last question, Babaji says ask, Maharaji asks why does. Mahalaxmi like lotus flower, Babaji says who doesn’t like beauty, its beautiful and so she likes it. Maharaji asks Genda to get a lotus and water.

Genda hands lotus and a vessel of water, Maharaji puts lotus in water vessel, it floats, Babaji asks what is it, Maharaji says lotus doesn’t get wet in water and this is what Mahalaxmi wants to teach us that, never forget your responsibility by external factors, Kundan says so correct, Maharaji says we know what Mahalaxmi likes but do we know who the real Laxmi is, Kundan asks who,

Maharaji says the women of the house, because she is the real treasure, to make Mahalakshmi happy, respect women in your house and society, Babaji says you talking as if you talk to her everyday, and gets angry says Kundan you are insulting me, Kundan says to Maharaji we owe you so please don’t do this. Maharaji says one last question, what if Mahalaxmi isnt happy with necklace and what if she doesn’t want it, Babaji says she will give us a sign, and you look new here and so don’t know rules here and leaves.

Maharaji thinks you people have bended rules as per your convenience and now I will tell you the real meaning of all the rules.

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