Ghar Ek Mandir 30th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Ghar Ek Mandir 30th September 2021 Genda walks Maharaji’s room but before she knocks he opens it, Genda says I gave you a suggestion and sorry for that, please don’t do this everyone says this won’t work and if this happens you will have to leave and I won’t be able to face the guilt, you saved Varun and I am grateful so please don’t do this, Maharaji says what if this shop works,

Genda says it will be a miracle, Maharaji says if it works its a miracle and if it doesn’t its your fault, lets say I have to go back why should you be worried abd how are we related and if you want me not to go help me with business, and I know you have knowledge of flowers and know vendors too, so will you help me, Genda thinks about Kundan’s anger and Varuns words that think about family first, Genda says sorry I can’t help, I won’t go against my family, I am sorry and leaves.Maharaji says my shop will be inaugurated by you Genda, and when Laxmi thinks something it’s greatest, and limitless, and people will never experience this greatness if she doesn’t step out

Genda performs Tulsi Pooja, Nisha rushes to everyone says her jewellery is missing, Manish says did you check, Nisha says I checked everywhere and I think there is theft, Kundan Varun say who will, Manish asks where is Maharaji lets go check, Genda says we can’t do this, Manish raids Maharajis room and sees he is missing, Genda sees painting in room, Manish says he ran away, Genda says he must have left because of some work, Kundan says this could be true too, Varun says lets call, Genda says he doesn’t have phone, Shivam says I saw Maharaj uncle leave with a bag in morning, Nisha says this might have my gold. Kundan says all check their rooms, Manish says this is what happens when you let stranger’s in.

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Varun and Genda checking their room, Genda says we are thinking wrong about Maharaji, Varun says see even I think its not Maharaji’s work but we can’t ignore the situation, Genda thinks I have full faith in him he hasn’t. Anuradha tells Kundan nothing is stolen, Varun says even our room nothing is stolen, Manish says except gold all is there. Shivam walks to everyone and says found it your jewellery box it was behind bed fallen, Anuradha says thank god, Varun says we doubted Maharaji without any reason, Nisha says Manish blamed without any reason, Genda walks to everyone says Laxmi Idol is missing, Anuradha says this is not good, we shouldn’t move Laxmiji idol after pooja, Nisha says this look something different, there were colors in Maharaji’s room and idol is missing, I think Maharaji was here for some Vodoo things.

Door bell rings, Kundan opens door, Police come in with Harish and Kailash, Kundan asks them to come in, and asks what is it, Police says I am here to just to talk now, return their money, Kundan says they did give me time, why get police this isn’t good, Kailash says if you don’t get us money soon,we will file complaint and send you jail, Inspector says if this happens I will send you to jail and all your reputation will be destoryed, so quickly return their money, Varun says how dare you, Kundan stops him, Inspector says understand criticality and leaves.

Anuradha gets Kundan water, Manish walks to Kundan and says don’t worry I understand responsibility and will repay all debt by my salary, Kundan says you will pay my debt, I don’t want a single penny from your salary, I curse myself if I touch your salary, and if you knew responsibility you wouldn’t leave your shop, our Mahalaxmi idol is missing and you thinking about money, and you will repay my money, you have lot of money right, do a thing save your salary money and get a new house and shift and I am saying this your father, I will do my duty so you can stay until you have enough money, Genda about to speak remember Nisha asking her to not talk when Men are discussing, Kundan says Maharaji just took an idol but Manish you destroyed our reputation.

Genda in her room, Varun walks to her says he didn’t find Maharaji anywhere and why did he take Mahalakshmi idol, Genda says Varun why doubt him, he would never do this, he has lot of respect and love for our family, and he saved you, Varun says Manish bhaiya and Papa its all so confusing, Varun thinks about police warning and says no I can’t let this happen and do something, I have to do something for Papa.

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