Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 30th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 30th September 2021 TMT, Vibhuti and Tiwari in TMT’s house. Rusa come and greets them. TMT in shock. Angoori and Anu watching them from window. Rusa asks what are you doing. Teeka says we were having massage if you want can have it. Tillu says to Teeka what are you saying. Teeka says sorry I don’t have etiquette how to talk to girls. Rusa says I have seen many boys and start flirting with them. Vibhu asks all if us. Rusa says no because you’re poor I only live rich and they three are rich. Vibhu says to Tiwari its all about money now she finds them handsome.

Teeka shouts in Vibhuti and says massage me. Rusa says I want to talk something important from you, as you know I love you three now go and ask my Jiju ( commisioner) for me and I’m feeling hungry. Tillu says Vibhuti cooks better and ask him to cook and ask Tiwari to assist him.
Angoori says to Anu are you seeing how they are reacting. Anu says they deserve this. Angoori yes they use to so so much about them but turned to be fool come lest go.

Vibhu in his house. Anu ask where are you going come here. Vibhu says tell. Anu asks why are you hiding your hands. Vibhu says nothing. Anu says why are your hands oily, who did you give a massage. Vibhu says nobody. Anu says Teeka’s massage. Vibhu start crying and says you won’t understand there tears are for Teeka he is not well I’m treating him. Anu says what happen to him. Vibhu says he has bone issue. Anu says and you have his cure. Vibhu says yes I almost cured him. Anu says good this means you are good physiotherapist. Vibhu ask do you need physiotherapist tonight. Anu says no you can go to your bedroom. Vibhu leaves. Anu says tonight 12:30.

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Tiwari in his house. Angoori staring him. Tiwari asks what happen. Angoori asks why were you massaging TMT. Tiwari thinks why should I tell her truth and hurt her and says there is reason why I’m doing this, I had pride of being rich and everyone is animal. Angoori says so you had pride of money. Tiwari says yes to kill pride I took this decision. Angoori says so you could have done here to help me. Tiwari says it has to be done for poor and I feel very lite now. Angoori says but TMT are now rich and I would suggest you my friend Bhoore have a maid who is poor you can help her, go why aren’t you going. Tiwari says I would like to have tea. Angoori says ok then you can wash utensils.

TMT at commissioner’s house. Commissioner’s says you three are lucky and won lottery of 10 crore each. TMT praise Commissioner and says we want Rusa to marry us. Malkhan says we got lucky when Rusa came into our life. Teeka says you are right. Rusa come says I feel shy. TMT flirts with them. Tillu says talk about what we come for and says to Commissioner we want to get marry Rusa. Commissioner says how you three can get marry to Rusa are you out if mind. Rusa says I can get married to three of them I’m confused because they love me so I’ll get married to them. Commissioner says you cannot marry them. Rusa says yea why not when our gods can do it then why can’t I.

Vibhu and Tiwari having drinks. Vibhu says you look in hurry. Tiwari says I did everything to take money from TMT but nothing works. Vibhu says when someone gets rich he becomes alert and it become difficult to take money from him. Tiwari says you have looted me many times then who are there boys, think something. Vibhu says they are street smart and you are average. Tiwari mocks him and they start arguing.

Saxena come and mocks them. Tiwari slaps him. Vibhu says we are already in tension so please go or something bad can happen to you. Saxena mocks them and says I have 1 lakh rupees is my bag do you wanna earn. Tiwari and Vibhuti says yes. Saxena says on ewith the perfect voice of fox will get this money. Both of them try hard and says we cannot do this anymore. Vibhu says but did good. Tiwari says I did best and start arguing. Saxena says I’m leaving this here you both can decide. Vibhu says we and slit it and they both open bag with a paper writing 1 lakh on it. Vibhu and Tiwari feel ashamed and says he mad us fool again.

Angoori in garden watering plants and singing. Vibhu come, flirts with her and says I love this song. Angoori says yes I too me and Tiwari had a connection with this song. Vibhu says how are you doing. Tiwari come and asks what’s going on here. Anu come and ask what happen. Tiwari says Vibhuti come daily to bore my wife. Anu says to Tiwari first look at yourself.

TMT in market. Teeka says we split our money how we will spilt Rusa. Tillu says Monday to Sunday Rusa will be with me. Malkhan mocks him and says what we will do. Tillu says sorry my brother, we have 12 hours in day can split for 4 hrs each. Teeka says no how we will romance. Malkhan says Teeka is right we will split in days by 10 days per month. Tillu says then what other two guys will do. Malkhan this was my idea so I’ll live with her first. Teeka says you illiterate we have also won the lottery. Malkhan mocks him. Tillu says I look handsome. Malkhan and Teeka laughs at him and they three start mocking eachother. TMT start fighting to each other.

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