Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 30th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 30th September 2021 Happu waiting for Beni in kitchen remembers his days seeing Beni and Vimlesh’s romance. Beni returns and giving him 2000 rs asks him to bring pashmina shawl for Vimlesh. Happu says it costs 30000 rs. Beni is shocked to hear price. Vimlesh says its costly and hence selling like hot cake. Beni asks how will he get 30000 rs. Happu asks to deny Vimlesh then.

Beni says Vimlesh will punish him if he doesn’t gift her and blames Happu. Happu says if he had not given gift to Vimlesh, Rajesh wouldn’t have demanded shawl from him. Beni continues fuming. Happu asks to serve neat pashmina drink for him today. Beni runs behind to hit him. Happu returns home and informing what happened at Beni’s house says he can bring gifts for Rajesh whole life and continues boasting. She demands diamond necklace and plays Mujhe Naulaka Mangade Re.. song. He says heroine demanded many things in 1 song. She shies and gets romantic.

Next day, Vimlesh serves Amma and garners her praises. Rajesh jokes she will be frustrated once she bears 9 children. Amma scolds her not to badmouth about her grandchildren. Rajesh says she asked a gift from Happu. Vimlesh asks if she asked sari this time. Rajesh says diamond necklace.

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Vimlesh is amazed and says even she will demand diamond necklace from Beni. Amma says Beni doesn’t have so much money. Vimlesh says he has a lot of money and it belongs to her. Amma says if they were in her times, they would have taught her to to demand gift from her husband. Rajesh teaches how to lure husband and keep him under control. Happu hears their conversation.

Kamlesh visits Kat as usual via window. Kat starts chatting. Ranbir messages to get to the point and chat with Kamlesh whole night after that. She demands gaming console, kitchen set, and karaoke box for her. He says he will and says he is joking like her. She says she is serious as a child under her awoke and wants to play with all these. Kamlesh denies. She says she will ask another friend. He agrees to bring all 3 gifts for her from his father’s money.

Dadaji visits Amma when she is busy enjoy liquor as usual. She asks if he ever got a gift for her in life. He asks why is she stuck at gift. She says Happu brought chappals and pashmina shawl for Rajesh, so he should learn it from Happu. Dadaji says there is nothing to learn from Happu. She says he doesn’t love her so, he never bought costly gift for him. He says if he had brought gift for her, how would he had built this house. She continues insisting him for a gift. He tries to convince her but fails and walks away.

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